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Of all the humanoid creatures of the world, Aasimar are the rarest. They are the cross between the divine and mortal. Aasimar resemble their mortal parentage, but develop more quickly than others of their parent race. The Aasimar are tied to the Astral Wind, developing abilities unknown to most people. On sight, an Aasimar is clearly not a member of the more common races, but very few people would know to identify them as marked by the Astra.

Aasimar Exclusive Knowledge

Aasimar hide their abilities so as not to draw unwanted attention. Generally trying to maintain a low profile, it is at times difficult. Those around them may appear gaunt or malnourished, while in contrast an Aasimar will appear radiant. Their eyes may have large flecks of gold or silver and their hair a stark coloration of brass or obsidian. Their skin has an incredibly healthy glow, and their charisma envelops those around them with feelings of warmth. It is common to find a mark of their angelic ancestry upon them, and the Aasimar can choose to hide this or not.

Aasimar are drawn to the astral winds. Birthed from the Astral itself, they may choose to become agents of the light. They have been known to gravitate towards a nomadic lifestyle, helping people along their way, avoiding conflict when they can, but never afraid of showing their power when needed. To help them along the correct path, Aasimar have an inherent link to the divine being who annointed them, guiding them along their journey via their innermost thoughts and dreams. Through this, they see glances of a possible path to follow.

They have no known island of their own, but stories exist of an island ruled by the Aasimar, separate from the rest of society. None know where it is. All however know that something truly evil is trapped there, watched over to ensure it never escapes, so few Aasimar tell others this secret. So the story goes...�