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The largest and most famous island conglomerate, the Alizarin Imperium, bonds their islands through massive Anchor Towers that dominate the land space. Each tower features huge chains made of metal and magic that split off in a myriad of directions, creating a web of connections that hold islands near enough for bridges or easy transport to be erected. Harbors are still used, but most transport can now occur over land and bridges to the neighboring settlements.

Founding: The Imperium was birthed in fire and blood on three harsh volcanic islands by Alizarin, First of Her Name, Imperatrix Mundi, the Flail of Orthodoxy, The Closed Fist. A wielder of arcane magics, a devote follower of the god Volcanis, and a ferocious battle leader, Alizarin forged the three islands into a single united government held together by her will, faith, and strong sword arm.


Life in the Imperium

Year of Service: - All citizens of the Imperium owe one year between the ages 16-18 to public service: Military, Arcane, Religious, Artifice, or Trade

Religions: Primary - Congregation of the Reforged worshiping Volcanis. This is the religion of the Praefator Divinus. Other religions are tolerated, though not encouraged.

Major Exports: Volcanic Glass, Palm Oils, Coconuts, Fruits, Red Dyes, Cactus Fibers (Central Islands); Livestock (cattle, sheep, goats); Weapons, blown glasswares, refined ores.


Rulers: The Triumvirate Imperial

The governance of Imperium is divided between three rulers. Each is charged with defending an aspect of the Imperium, and each is Supreme in their judgement of legal infractions under their bailiwick. Most citizens interact with laws and officials under the Navarchus Mundi, but the Congregation of the Reforged is lead by the Praefator Divinus, and any magical aspects of the world fall under the jurisdiction of the Incantator Magnus.

Navarchus Mundi: Admiral of the World

  • Charged with defending the borders of the Imperium from all martial threats.
  • Final authority in all things worldly - Judge Supreme of the Lex Civitas (Civil Law)

Incantator Magnus: High Wizard

  • Charged with warding the Imperium from all threats arcane.
  • Final authority in all things magical - Judge Supreme of the Lex Arcane (Magical Law);

Praefator Divinus: Holy Leader

  • Charged with protecting the souls of the Imperium from corruption and heresy.
  • Final authority in all things spiritual - Judge Supreme of the Lex Sanctus (Church Law)

Imperial Governors: Individual islands are overseen by local governors.

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