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Male Tiefling Sorcerer.

At most times Val wears a simple alabaster mask to hide his peculiar features. But it cannot hide his swept-back antlers, his scaled tail and the fork at its end, nor his radiant bronze skin and brass hair. Those who pause to look closely will see starkly heterochromic eyes, with the left eye deep as shadow and the right eye flecked with glinting stars.

Background: Windspeaker, formerly with the halfling ship We're Here. Val joined the ship at 17, driven by an urge to see the world. While aboard, his affinities to the Umbral and Astral winds emerged and strengthened gradually, till at 21 the dreams began. Val seeks refuge on islands now, especially dwarven islands, where the voices of the winds fade to mere faint tuggings in his mind.

Homeland: Drijan

Parents: Ambivalence, born Valafar 'Val' Williwaw to Tiefling father Akmen and human mother Kamaile. At Val's birth in the family home on Drijan, the air was wrenched from the room, the iron turned to gold, and the wood caught on fire. Kamaile's adoptive parents, Val's grandparents, died in the incident. Investigations into the incident afterward revealed that Kamaile's true mother was Aasimar, and the crossing of the Tiefling and Aasimar bloodlines resulted in a surge of wild magic in the infant child. Val's parents kept him hidden away at home for much of his childhood, but he often found strange ways to escape their notice and wander down to the docks.

Siblings: None.