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Character Overview

  • Name: Ander Fischer
  • Appearance:


A Cleric of the Ascendant. He believes that the gods are merely beings who acquired more power than the average person and are able to affect the worlds to a much greater degree. ‘Divine’ energy can be accessed by anyone who has the will and determination to do so. Paladins and sorcerers seem to understand this, whether they choose to admit it to themselves or not.

He has joined Party by Storm. Sarannis Valestrider, Herald of the Ascendant, The High Inquisitor of the Church of the Ascendant has told him to join PBS towards freeing the spirit of the island from the Alizarins. The hope is that seeing a clergy member of the CotA taking an active role in the world will show them in a better light.

Taken from his elven mother by his aasimar father, Ander was placed with a foster family after his father became uninterested in raising a child. He grew up with those around him believing that he was special simply because of an accident of his birth. As a young child he enjoyed the attention and adoration of his adopted family, but as he grew older he began to resent them for what he saw as love not of him, but of the "divine" power that was the inheritance from his father. Deciding that there was nothing holy about a father who left him as a child, Ander set out on his own to find his own interpretation of the Divine, and if he happened to find his mother along the way, then all the better.

Ander began to travel over the world ship speaking to, learning from, and arguing with every temple, priest, and cleric he came across. Finally, he met a priest of the Church of the Ascendant. Their beliefs about the gods of this world being merely men and women who obtained power above and beyond the norm and did not deserve to be worshipped meshed well with his own experiences with his "holy" father. Lacking the what he viewed as arbitary rules and regulations of the other faiths with which he had interacted and still seeking to do good in the world, Ander joined the CotA and quickly moved up the ranks after he was introduced to the High Inquisitor Sarannis Valestrider and became her personal assistant and apprentice. During the Church's stay on the island of Fendril Ander was assigned to accompany Party By Storm by the High Inquisitor in their attempt to unchain the spirit of the island from Alizarin control.

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