Audi Fuentes

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Character Overview

  • Name: Audi Fuentes
  • Appearance: 14 year old boy


Audi Fuentes was the 4th of 5 children given to his unicorn patron Godlove. 42 years ago, Godlove saved the tiny village of Whistlewind from a fire that threatened to destroy the town and the surrounding, ancient woods. Likely, the unicorn meant to save the forest and the village being saved was a happy coincidence. Every 10 years since, a child from the town is given to Godlove as a tribute. These children are marked by the unicorn (given a small horn on their forehead) and their physical growth is stunted so they never seem to age (physically) more than a year or two past the age they were given away. Godlove’s servants are tasked with bringing joy to the world, and Godlove views their child-forms to be more joy-conducive.
The child-servants live with and directly serve Godlove for ten years before being “replaced” by the next tribute. After that, Godlove seems to largely forget that their servants exist until he needs something. He will also stop by to chastise his warlocks for failing to produce joy in the world if he believes they have done so.

Servants of Godlove:

1st servant. Taken at age 11, she is now 53 years old. She was thrilled when she was taken away from her tiny town by a magical creature to live a life of adventure. It hurt her deeply when Godlove took up Aria and essentially forgot that Maxine existed. She doggedly works for Godlove’s approval, even though she knows that he can be at best disinterested and at worst cruel.
2nd servant. Taken at age 14, she is now 46 years old and appears older than the other servants since he was taken as a slightly older child. She had to serve two terms, so to speak. After Jace died, Godlove found her and had her continue working with him directly until the next child was given. The two spent a long time together, and it shows. She doesn’t romanticize Godlove like Maxine does. She would tell you that she dislikes her patron, but even if you dislike someone you can still love them after living together almost 20 years. She is distant from the other servants.
3rd servant. Taken at age 9. Died shortly after being taken (at age 10). It is not known how he died. Being chosen was still an exciting, honorable thing when it was his time to serve, and he had been thrilled and beloved, sort of a “golden boy.”
4th servant. Taken at age 12, now age 24. Only recently released from Godlove’s direct service, Audi is happy to be able to live his own life. He views himself and the other servants as cruel jokes, of a sort. He believes his appearance is ridiculous but tries to use it to his advantage. The children that are selected to give to the unicorn are chosen in advance by the village. After Jace died so young under Godlove’s care, the village felt guilty about giving him another child. This guilt lead to many of them avoiding and ignoring Audi.
5th and current servant. Taken at age 10, now age 12. She trained extensively to be able to serve well (and survive the experience). She takes her job very seriously and views Maxine as a failure, Jace as a disgrace and Audi as lazy. She feels that she could accomplish so much more than Aria had if she was given 2 decades with Godlove, but Aria is also pretty intimidating so she almost respects her.

Current Adventures

Audi now captains the crew of the divine ship Cygnus.

Audi Fuentes Log Book