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Character Information

Celestial Warlock (Pact of the Tome)


Acolyte Background

Discription: Tall and very slender, perhaps even gangly. Skin tone is bright crimson, hair is dark purple. His left eye is matte black with no discernible sclera, iris, or pupil. He usually wears an eye patch over this eye unless in combat. Wears tan robes and carries a quarter staff.

Pesonality Traits

Gentle and easygoing until faced with evil. Seeks the most direct path to defeat evil without much concern for observing the niceties (Chaotic Good).

Ideals: Helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Bonds: Servant of his patron Nur'ra, the North Star, an angel. Grew up in a temple of The Illuminated and agrees with their goals, even if wary of the devotion of the faithful.

Flaws: Enraged by fiends and cults. Has difficulty staying calm regarding these.


  Bel'karos' family has been devoted to the service of the Shadows for generations. Every first born child is sacrificed to Thorcrin, arch-fiend patron of this family of tieflings, marked as his own. When Bel'karos turned 10 years old, he was taken screaming to the altar of sacrifice. A great shadow loomed over the proceedings as the fiend began to take physical form. Before his father could strike the killing blow, a paladin named Luthane Stormwood burst in, disrupting the ritual. Luthane scooped up the small boy and as he ran out of the chamber, as the darkness consumed Bel'karos' parents for their failure to provide the required sacrifice.
  Luthane took Bel'karos to the temple of the Illuminated in the island city of Eluia, a major trade hub and home to a large outdoor marketplace. Bel'karos grew to appreciate the religion of the Illuminated, relishing their devotion to hope, renewal, and enlightenment. But he had a deep mistrust of the worship of even such benevolent deities as the goddesses Danayu and Nus'tael. He felt that true worship would lead to the cult-like devotion that destroyed his family. But, he still honored the practices of the temple and eventually became an acolyte in its service. He began to have dreams where he talked with a star in the night sky and the star would comfort him in his nightmares of his family. One night, the star revealed himself to be the angel Nur'ra, the North Star.
  Nur'ra asked Bel'karos what he wanted most in life if it was not to serve a deity like all his friends. Bel'karos' reply was that he would wish to destroy all fiends and the cults that serve them. Nur'ra told Bel'karos that great power was his to give for this purpose, if Bel'karos would pledge to fight against the Shadows and Currents that plague the Great Ship. Without hesitation, the deal was struck.
  As Bel'karos matured, he encountered others with a hunger for power. A tiefling named Syn visited the temple after losing his way, and Bel'karos taught him how to access the pool of need in his spirit necessary to reach out to a patron. While studying at university, Bel'karos came to the attention of a professor Armineas who became a mentor for him. Armineas would go on to forge his own pact with a greater power. Weird graffiti began to spring up in places where the fabric of reality seemed thin. Drawn to the writing, Bel'karos encountered Riven, another warlock similarly curious. Riven and Bel'karos became friends after a fashion, though he has had more polite exchanges with enemies.
   Finally, one night Nur'ra told Bel'karos to leave the temple for good. It was time to take the fight to the fiends. Bel'karos had come to believe that he had been chosen in part because he was willing to use whatever means necessary to fight, something not even an angel could do. His suspicion was confirmed when Nur'ra told him to seek a sorcerer named Atalan, and that they would need the help of some... less reputable people as well. Bel'karos set out the next day seeking his destiny.