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Noble Speaker

Bodi'ka's family has long since been established in the Sapphire Atolls. An island bears their bonding near the main lands of Storasta, but of herself, the young woman sails for adventure. Arriving on the island of Iskander, Bodi'ka has taken on the challenge of the Jarlsmoot, a deadly trial to determine the new High Jarl and ruler of the archipelago. She has completed two trials. She has asked Astrid to become her First Knight should Bodi’ka complete all three trials and become High Jarl. Astrid has entered the Jarlsmoot trials.

With a little help from her friends, she has removed the Alizarin from her home capital of Wintergarde on the island Helia. The rumor of all her family in Wintergarde proved mostly false. Her mother and a cousin on her father’s side remain alive.

Physical Description

Tall, young human female. Pale skin, eyes the color of ice. Though her eyes betray her as a Darkbane, her name and the length & silkiness of her hair hint at a Zeteshi heritage. The auburn color of her hair and pale skin would suggest she is Sappirene, but her height and beauty lends to a Drijanese bloodline. If encountered away from the sea, she wears a breastplate from the ancient order of the White Dragon Phalanx. Her bracers are entwined pearlescent mythral with gold inlays. They have a soft silvery glow that extends to any weapon she wields. These weapons then reflect light like diamonds.

Character Stats

Two Weapon Fighter (Samuri) 12/Silver Dragon Sorceress 4 Bond Bearer (Noble Variant)

Bonds, Goals, and Flaws

BOND My family, clan, or tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me. GOALS The Darkbane have for far too long hidden in the shadows, she feels it is time for them to take their place as leaders of the people. FLAWS I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.

Magical Items

Longbow +1


Ring of Resistence (Fire)

White Dragon Phalanx Breastplate +1

Scepter of Leadership

Legend of Lost Dragon Keep (Awakened 'Of Legend'): This set of scaled bracers eminate a soft silvered glow and appear as interwoven bands of pearlescent mythril and ornamental gold, though the weight is as light as a feather.

-This awakening retains all the properties of 'Of Legend' with the following abilities:

-While worn, this item grants the wielder the ability to change its appearance to that of any forms this item has obtained. So far this includes that of a set of scaled bracers and a brimstone witch's hat.

-While worn, this item may grant the wielder's weapon a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls in addition to any existing bonuses their weapon may already have (this +1 will make even mundane weapons magical). Also, any weapon granted this bonus will shimmer with a silver aura, will appear as a silvery metallic material, and will appear to refract light similar to diamonds.

-Once per long rest, the wielder may use a bonus action to emit a blast of frosted silver shards from the end of their weapon. This appears as a 30' cone, and any targets inside of the cone must make a CON save or suffer 6d6 cold dmg(half on a save). The DC is equal to the wielder's CON + 8 + Proficiency Bonus.


Family History It is believed that the first Darkbane had come from the Umbra. Dressed as the night he would battle the Umbral forces. They say he had eyes of ice that could pierce a man's soul and what he truly was. Eyes of ice, a trait unique to the Darkbane. He never rose his voice, always spoke in a calm manner.

Its the way of the Darkbane. They fight the darkness so others don't have to. Even with a rage equal to a barbarian in battle, they are always calm, and always soft spoken. This is what unsettles people the most, as they can see the fury that lies behind the storm.

As the World Ship sailed its way through the Astra, new Darkbanes would arise and do battle against the Umbra. After many generations, it is as if the Darkbane have always been. They are scattered across the World Ship, helping their communities as best they can. Often found in the upper echelons of any community.

Most are lonewolves, as they take the loss of anyone under their care or protection personally. To have a Darkbane by your side, is to have a brother or sister willing to sacrifice themselves so that you may see another sunrise.

Bodi' ka is among the youngest of the Darkbane, eager to prove her worth. Her bond with the lands of the World Ship is one of the strongest. The young warrior wants to make sure that, should the time come, she is ready for the mantle of leadership. For now she will enjoy what freedoms she has.

She sees herself as a warrior of the land, she seems to have a bond to it. Almost like she can talk to it.

Blood Sisters When Bodi’ka Met Naeris

Edit for Naeris done by Roger Garza

Battle by firelight

Bodi’ka had been tending to her campfire for an unusual amount of time. She sinches the straps of her leather armor. A few arrows are stuck in the ground within reach as a woman approaches, just within the campfire light. Her skin is as pale as the noblewoman’s indicating both are of Sapperine descent. The new arrival’s chain shirt just catches the fire light. Her longsword and shield at the ready, it looks like the warrior woman is about to attack Bodi’ka. There is movement just beyond the light. The swordswoman simply says “3”, Bodi’ka says “4, wanna trade?”. The woman charges toward her as Bodi’ka raises her longbow, while she moves forward. The swordswoman slides on her knees across the clearing bringing up her shield, and the archer uses it as a springboard to leap and release an arrow in mid air. The warrior rises as she completes her slide bringing her sword up to slash a brigand, who had attempted to sneak up on Bodi’ka. Bodi’ka’s arrow found a home in the eye of one that was attempting to charge at her current companion. Both women retrace their steps and are back-to-back. “Well, this is one way to break the ice, I’m Bodi’ka, switch”. They trade places, an arrow is let loose, another one drops. She had taken advantage of their hesitation. “Naeris, switch!” They trade places again, the warrior accepts a strike from the brigand, who then screams as ice sheaths his sword arm, and returns with a slash of her own. “It seems we miscounted”, “Yeah, it looks that way”, Bodi’ka relied, as she drops her bow and unsheathed her rapier. These men were to close for her to be effective with her archery. One learned the hard way, she’s as deadly up close. Another soul for the gods to sort out. Though they had not met till now, the women battle as if they have always known each other. The brigands were not expecting such fierce resistance. Their numbers reduced to almost half by two women in mere seconds. Bodi’ka’s eyes become white then black. The ground shakes with her words, the sound of many voices emanating from her as she speaks. “Fools, flee while you can, or fall to the same fate as your companions! You, are no match for us.” Her hair flickers as if blown by some unfelt wind, looking as if her head is wreathed in flame. They run, the Naeris starts to give chase, Bodi’ka’s voice no longer booming and eyes have returned to their normal ice color, “leave them, they’re not worth it.” The noblewoman turns to the campfire. “Please, join me by the fire.”

A Matter of Trust

“You speak and dress like a Zeteshi, and seem to be a Sappherine like me.” Naeris looks her up and down, “but, taller”. Something about Bodi’ ka’s ice colored eyes strikes a memory in the back of her head. “It’s complicated, to say the least. You talent is raw, but it shows, you’ve had some soldier training. I’ve had some formal training myself, but my uncle taught me much of what I know. He helped my focus my training on archery.” Bodi’ ka makes herself comfortable by the fire. She seems to act as if the fight they were just in never happened. “My father taught me.” Naeris is silent for a moment. Not sure why she’s sharing with a stranger. “Am I correct to assume you are from around this area?” The swordswoman nods, Bodi’ka points to Naeris’ gear, “your equipment is too clean to have traveled very far. Anyway, I am looking for a family by the name of Ostandrus, do you know….” The archer notices Naeris’ demeanor change. “By that look, it appears that I am talking to a member of that family. From what my uncle told me, you father was a good man. Loyal and fair.” “What does that have to do with me?” Naeris doesn’t like someone knowing more about her than she knows about them. Seems like an unfair advantage. “My family has a ship set to sail soon to explore new lands. We already have a lead on an island that could prove profitable.” The lady kinda cringes, that didn’t come out right. “So this is about profit? And you didn’t answer my question.” The warrior woman doesn’t like thought about being used. “I know, I am sorry. Look, I’m going to need someone I can trust, and if you are anything like what I have heard of your father, this means I need you.”

It’s Time

Naeris makes her way thru bustling streets. Though her family owns a inn, she wasn’t ready for how busy this port is. Finally she reaches her destination, an inn a bit bigger than her family’s, but fancier. She paces a bit in the main hall, a bit early. But sometimes early is good “Bodi’ ka! It is time!” she bellows up to the second floor. There is a short silence. Then, a woman’s voice, use to giving commands, returns, “On my way”! A moment later Bodi’ka comes down the stairs, halfway down she jumps over the rail. Naeris just shakes her head. As they exit the inn, Naeris says, “Show off”.. “What!?!” Bodi’ka fains surprise, “I don’t know what you are talking about. Race you!” the archer is already in a run with a smirk on her face. The swordswoman chases after yelling ”Cheater!” The two women make their way to the ship.

When Bodi’ka became a Sorcerer

The Change

This place is old. This “castle”, this island has been too long for it to be uncharted. Bodi’ka continues to search the remains of the chamber. There’s a sharp pain emanating from behind her eyes. She grits her teeth, not now, no time for this. Large bright white blotches fill her vision. The pain goes as quickly as it came.

The intense light blocks her vision for a moment longer. As her vision returns, a noise in the hall catches her attention. The tiefling bard Freeport seems to be chasing something, a look of excitement on his face. Naeris, the monk, the ½ breed, and Kai the Goliath. Even the old man is trailing behind.

Great, her skin is itching. She hasn’t itched this much since “playing” with the sheriff’s daughter last month in some poison vines. She slowly follows, attempting to make it look like a leisurely stride. Really just trying to hide her scratching at her skin. Ouch, her fingers are like claws now, when did that happen?

“I see it!” They are making enough noise, it’s not difficult for her to follow. She looks around. For a moment she felt like she was being watched. Finally caught up with them. What the hell is Freeport chasing? ‘Well I guess this is where we’re…’ Her thoughts are interrupted by a pair apperisions.

Without hesitation, Bodi’ka runs downstairs. She falls as she reaches the bottom, the itch returned with a vengeance. The distraction caused her to misstep. The archer stars pulling off parts of her leather armor, suddenly she can’t breathe. Some of her skin seems to have hardened, her skin is paler with a soft silver sheen.

What’s happening?


The doors closed behind us. Is this place haunted? A beam of light engulfs Naeris and she disappears. No, there she is. What was that light, and why am I hungry all of sudden. The half-breed and the old man seem to share some knowledge about something. The half-elf bard then sang us a story.

It was the history of the castle. How did he learn this? We haven’t even been here an hour. I don’t really pay attention until Pthalo ask about a voice that the bard Esgar had mentioned. The presence I felt at the beach when I had reached out to commune with the island.

A feminine voice, it’s stronger here.€ Was? I’m confused. Traveling a bit deeper, we find an underground pond. Pthalo enters the water and swims around. I kneel next to the water and attempt to commune with land again. But about 5 cubic feet of the water in front of me parts instead. I can maintain this for a bit and enter the water.

The monk is still swimming and parts through the space I have created in the water like a dolphin breaking the surface. He pauses and looks at the side surface I had created. I have an idea. I move to edge of the indoor pond. I attempt to move the water again, but try to make a wall of water. Instead it’s a thin wall of ice. Everyone doesn’t realize I shouldn’t be able to do this. There is an image of a lake.

They seem to blow it off, there has to be some meaning to this. Someone found dark ash on the stairs. Everyone else is talking about something, I can’t help but focus on the ash. I know it wasn’t there when we came down the stairs. I examine a pinch of the soot.

“The ash is very old,” I announce. Too old for it to have just appeared. It’s like we are dreaming and what we see becomes real. Even the doors we entered are different, more like storm cellar doors now. We exit, and the castle ruins show evidence of having been burnt down long ago. Like the one in Esgar’s story.

It’s still storming. I kinda like the feel of the cold rain. We head back into town for some rest. We each kind of do our own thing. “Naeris, I must speak with you in private.” She eyes me for a sec, I pull her aside. “Something is happening to me,” I show her my hands, my finger tips have become claw-like. I’m paler than before, with silvery scales on parts of my body.

She ask when this started, I tell her at the castle. She ask I hear voices in my head, I say no. Naeris says neither does she. I, what? Before I can ask, she suggests we talk in the the morning. I agree.

I go straight to bed, I sleep alone tonight. This night seems to last an eternity. I close my eyes for a moment. I must have fallen asleep, the sun is up already. It is still overcast as I leave my room.Before we head to the Clarion’s Call, I need to talk to Naeris.

There she is, we find a secluded spot, away from prying eyes. I attempt to recreate the small ice wall, but a beam blue-white light erupts from me instead and blast a freezing hole into a tree. I bring my hands to my mouth, I’m in shock. What is happening, how did I do that?

Naeris sends a blast of Eldritch energy into the tree. I’m still in shock as she leads me away to the Clarion’s Call.

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