Brom Steeltooth

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Character Overview

  • Name: Brom Steeltooth
  • Appearance: Brom is a rarity among his kind: a half-orc whose other half is not human but elven in origin. He stands at a flat seven feet tall, taller than most, but unlike the others of his race, he is rather lanky for his size. Whereas most half-orcs have bulkier physiques, rotund bodies that are layered with muscle, he instead has the whipcrack leanness of frightening power condensed down into sleek musculature. The muscles of his body roll like quicksilver as he swings his weaponry; beneath green skin reminiscent of new leaf growth they shift and flow. Not the bull nor the bear, his movements remind of the leopard or the tiger. His arms are long and corded. They end in deceptively supple hands that hold tremendous strength--a strength often seen when his rage consumes him amidst combat. Brom's face is rather expressive. Despite the steel-capped tusks jutting from his lower jaw (his namesake), his face is more angular than the usual lantern-jawed half-orcs more common to the world. His ears are more pointed as well, leaning toward his elven heritage where human blood would've dulled their knife-like tips. Within his harsh face, eyes of dark jade stare out from beneath that heavy brow. Deep inside those murky pools, flecks of gold can be seen if caught in the right light. They swirl in and out like hints of coin buried beneath recently disturbed silt: brought to life then quickly hidden as it settles. His hair is cut short and rather mundane in its appearance. It looks like tarnished silver--fancy dinnerware whose shine has long since dulled.
  • Job: Powder Monkey/Meat Shield


  • Homeland:
  • Parents: Unknown. Father was an orc who raped his mother. She was an exiled elf who managed to escape. She would later die in labor.
  • Siblings: Probably a few half-brother orcs somewhere on those black ships.
  • Grandparents: Unknown
  • Backstory:

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