Carmen Bara

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Carmen Bara is a Companion by trade, educated at the prestigious Zola Academy of the Guild of Companions in the arts of romance, entertainment, and empathic connection. Her education inspired a lifelong love for reading, especially on history, wartime strategy and tactics, and psychology. She also enjoys planning and attending events, networking, and taking tea.

Compelled by a desire to encounter new people and novel experiences, Carmen left home as a young adult to pursue her education. After completing her Academy training, she remained nearby, taking advantage of the cultural institutions, amenities, and clientele found in such a large city. Over time, she established a close professional relationship with a favored client, General Oscar IV of the Alizarin Imperium. They entered into an exclusive, long-term contract based on her assent to move to Mandelle, where Oscar commanded the local Imperium outpost. Through this relationship, she expanded her interest in war and its conduct and became a follower of Nisthrul, the Voice of Temptation.

Happy to live somewhere new, Carmen used her savings to purchase, stock, and staff her tavern, The Singing Sunbird. She spent her free time reading as well as hosting and attending town events. She came to love the community and its people.

After a massive hurricane ravaged her town, destroyed her home, and provided cover for the murder of her client, Carmen found herself adrift. She joined the crew of the Spinsail Seven and hopes to find a new home among their adventures.

Character Information:

  • Race: Aasimar (half-elf parentage)
  • Class: Cleric
    • Domain: War
    • Deity: Nisthrul, the Masked One
    • Religion: Order of the Mask
  • Background: Companion