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Known to All

Clerics are believers and adherents of the divine. Although they may see different faces and speak different names, all clerics believe in the Nine, whether they know it or not. Clerics are those souls who have pursued a close relationship with one or more of these enigmatic figures. Clerics serve either the 100 Planets and the 1000 Stars or the 100 Shadows and the 1000 Currents. The nature of that relationship can vary depending on the nature of the being to whom the Cleric has pledged service.

For most, the relationship is one of service, carrying out the ideals and tenets of their faith. These clerics venture out into the 1000 Islands beyond the walls of civilization and brave dangers there in the name of their deity. For some it is to spread their faith and find others of similar temperament and fortitude. For others, it is to combat the evils that stem from the ever-rising Shadows (or to progress their agendas as the case may be).

It is the goal of most religions that adhere to the 100 Planets and the 1000 Stars (in whatever manifestation) to bring their world closer to the divine and to uplift their faithful into the Astral Wind. Achieving this enlightenment is not easy, but Clerics are often the furthest along this path. As such, they are often the paragons of their faiths: they are warriors and healers, teachers and sages, prophets and oracles.

Known to Clerics

All Clerics should Choose a Deity, a Domain (an aspect of Divinity) and a Religion (organization that supports mortal worship). Work with your DM to make these choices.


Many religions venerate one or more gods, or particular aspects of a God. Most faithful understand the tenets of faith, but are rarely well versed in the religion’s deeper theology. The follow are samples of common religions found among the 1000 Islands and the gods they are associated with.

Religion: Chosen of the Deep

  • Tenets of Faith: As the waves divide the world, so do the Chosen guard the depths. Through water and death, we shall know our place.
  • Symbols: Ice, Onyx, Black waves
  • Venerated Deities: Urthu/Uhtru, Bolnheim

Religion: The Illuminated

  • Tenets of Faith: Let the light of the Stars guide our ship in darkness, and raise our spirit from despair.
  • Symbols: Crowns, Diamonds, Starlight
  • Venerated Deities: Danayu, Nus'tael

Religion: Servants of the Unbroken

  • Tenets of Faith: The tumultuous wave breaks on the rocks. The storm ebbs behind the Mountain. So we faithful are shelters to the world.
  • Symbols: Shield, Hearth, Battle Flags
  • Venerated Deities: Lionosus, Bolnheim

Religion: Ancestral Wardens

  • Tenets of Faith: Ancestors preserve us. Tree Home protect us. Glory to their majesty.
  • Symbols: Trees, Twining Vines in a circle
  • Venerated Deities: Forellin

Religion: The Raveled Fellowship

  • Tenets of Faith: Through stone and air, water and blood, we are bound. Grow together, Fall apart.
  • Symbols: Kraken, Intricately Knotted Rope, Trident
  • Venerated Deities: Teshezim

Religion: Communion of Stillness

  • Tenets of Faith: Calm waters presage the storm.
  • Symbols: Lightning, Mirrors, Polished Metal
  • Venerated Deities: Queen Mab, The Shadow Queen

Religion: Congregation of the Reforged

  • Tenets of Faith: The fires of tribulation scour us of imperfection. Though we break, we are reforged stronger by our faith.
  • Symbols: Fire, Anvil, Volcanoes
  • Venerated Deities: Volcanis

Religion: Order of the Mask