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"Stand back everyone, this calls for DIVINE INTERVENTION!"


"Clerical Error" is a party of Clerics! The party formed originally during the Season 1 campaign (as "The League of Mediocrity"), and through fire, and pain, and death (lots of death) we began to realize something was missing from our party... a Cleric. So- in our infinite collective wisdom we formulated a plan to be nigh invincible during the season 2 campaign! That plan? Simply: We all decided to play clerics! How could we possibly die during a campaign if we're all healing one another???

Has that worked out thus far? Definitely not. Are we still playing Clerics? Absolutely!! We're not the smartest group of Clerics you've ever seen but by the Gods we are wise beyond our years! And by wise, I mean we still die a lot...

Dungeon Master

The awesome, and talented Tim Corcoran

Party Members

Name Character Race Class Deity Domain Religion
Jose Sandoval Rhak M'haad Dragonborn Cleric/Fighter Danayu Grave The Illuminated
Shauna Nelligan Maya Faetris Wood Elf Cleric Volcanis Forge Congregation of the Reforged
Brian Nelligan Malachy Mur'tak Dragonborn Cleric Bolnheim Tempest Chosen of the Deep
Sean Simpson Zellekkar Dragonborn Cleric Danayu Light The Illuminated
Ryan Bendetti Fluvi Gnome Druid n/a n/a n/a
Tiffany Bendetti Gem Coral Dwarf Cleric Teshezim Knowledge The Raveled Fellowship
Chris Adkins Zorin Enoch Stout Halfling Cleric/Fighter/Rogue Volcanis War Congregation of the Reforged


Name Character Race Class Deaths Resurrect Type
Shauna Nelligan Maya Faetris Wood Elf Monk/Cleric 1 Cleric Resurrection spell
Jose Sandoval Rhak M'haad Dragonborn Fighter/Cleric 1 Cleric Resurrection spell
Chris Adkins Zorin Enoch Stout Halfling Fighter/Cleric/Rogue 1 Druid Reincarnation spell
Sean Simpson Zellekkar Dragonborn Cleric 2 Unknown!
Ryan Bendetti Crew Half-Elf Cleric 2 Cleric Resurrection spell
  • Maya, Crew, and Zellekkar died on Feikinstaf, the Cursed Isle attempting to save another party member from a band of Orcs. They were presumably resurrected by the Orcs in order to be used as hostages... but since the entire party woke up in the prison with very little knowledge as to how we arrived there, no one is absolutely sure of the details.
  • Crew and Rhak M'haad died to an enemy Cleric also on the Island of Feikinstaf - the Cleric felt so guilty that he also ended up Resurrecting both after the fight - as he apparently had not meant to kill us, but instead just wanted us incapacitated.
  • Zorin Enoch died During a particularly brutal battle with Displacer Perytons, on a smaller island close to Iskander. Zorin was brought back to Iskander and Reincarnated by the High Druids there.
  • Crew and Zellekkar were both Petrified and ultimately perished on the Island of Saevarstrad while fighting Quicksilver Cobras. Zellekkar's Dragonborn brother tossed him into the volcano however... against the party's wishes... which caused him to miraculously return from the dead somehow the next day - roughly 24 hours later!

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