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Royal Family

Leona Coldiron, High Queen of the Dwarven Empire, is the latest and youngest ruler the dwarves have ever had. Her late father Abraxas Coldiron lost his life under mysterious circumstances and Leona was forced into queenship far earlier than anticipated. She has yet to marry and has no heirs of her own, her younger brothers Delm and Thrast sit as her council. Their youngest sister, Ysengrin, still a child in the eyes of her siblings, pursues the path of the Broken Coral. She looks to find a way to expand upon the method of coral shipping. Leona’s mother Shaya, leader of the Dwarven Watchers has been missing for some time. Shaya’s last expedition was headed into the depths of the dwarven empire, far underground, to explore what was once the city of Tharlanthor. With only her Brothers council and the input of the other noble clans to guide her, Leona treads carefully, not knowing what is to come for her or her Empire.

High Clans

The Coldiron Clan - Highlords

The Coldiron are the ruling clan within the Dwarven Empire. Their capitol is the grand city of Melkhan Kal, High King Aiggarath and High Queen Cordolla Ruled with an Ironfist (ha. puns). Long ago the Coldiron fought a losing war against the Orc clans, being pushed close to extinction they reached out to the other clans and formed an alliance. Turning the tide of the war and eventually removing the Orc threat from the area. The alliance of dwarves continues with the Coldiron at the helm. Time has passed and many kings and queens have come and gone. High Queen Leona now rules with hesitation as fractures between the high clans continue to appear.

The Broken Coral Clan - Naval and Druids

The Broken Coral are a smaller society of dwarven druids within the Coldiron empire. Originally coming from the smallest of the four islands they were glad to form an alliance with the much larger and more aggressive clans. Using their vast knowledge of naval tactics combined with their attunement to nature they are the backbone of dwarven expansion around the world.

Druid Circle

The Broken Coral do not have a noble family, but a hierarchy of druids. Archdruid Pyran is the current leader of the Broken Coral. His studies into the coral have developed longer lasting methods into ship movement and island absorption. He leads the largest of the druid circles of the Coldiron Empire. He along with thirty other Highdruids have converted their original island into a massive grove for study and development. This city is known as Fottor Erlin Lendak, or the Forest of Lightning.

The Truthwatcher Clan - Collectors of Lore

In exchange for aiding the Coldiron the Truthwatchers were promised a collection of knowledge. Over time the order of Truthwatchers has grown into a fanatical group of scholars. They obsess over every piece of information they can get their hands on. Information is power, without it the empire would fall.

The Rubyfist Clan - Military Order

When the Coldiron clan requested help from the Rubyfist, they were hesitant. The rage and bloodlust within the clan in the past had caused them to be questionable allies. They were just as likely to turn on a friend as an enemy. But with the combined knowledge and magics of the Truthwatchers and Broken Coral clans the Rubyfist agreed to be monitored if they failed to maintain control. Known for their military might, the Rubyfist pride themselves in their strength. Trained in battle tactics, tracking, and control of ancestral spirits, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Lesser Clans

The Saltbreaker Clan

Used as miners, freight sailors and expedition porters, the Saltbreakers have a long history of servitude to the Coldiron and Rubyfist Clans. The Saltbreakers are hardy Coral Dwarves who have a strong oral tradition of their family history. Though most of them are menial laborers to the greater families, some rise to positions of some importance within their fields of study. This is somewhat rare, due to the political structures at play and the grueling nature of their labors.

Current Events

  • The Coldiron are hard at work continuing the traditions of their ancestors. While the tides of war have passed, the need for stabilization and uniformity between the islands remains. The Coldiron now send out adventures from all of the clans in a hope to draw other races to the empire, so they may teach and share the importance of island unification.
  • The Former Queen Shaya, originally of the Truthwatcher clan, and her team of Watchers have vanished from their expedition into Tharlanthor. A team of Watchers was sent to investigate after not receiving word, exploring the route Shaya had mapped out, they were unable to determine what happened. The team had clearly made it to the ruins of Tharlanthor, the camp was set up, fires had been used, all of their supplies were present, there was just no sign of Shaya and her men. An expedition force has begun rallying to go and find the missing team, it is unclear what they will find in the depths below.
  • Skirmishes with orcish raiders are common along the coastal cities of the dwarven empire. The combined forces of Rubyfist and Broken Coral keep a tight patrol around the major trade cities within the empire but are more relaxed when it comes to small less important ones, generally leaving small battalions or town guards to deal with problems that occur. There have been reports of an orcish fleet with several Ogre Juggernauts to the far east of the empire. Nothing has come of it yet, but a small fleet has been sent to the port city of Kalur Rith.

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