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Crew is a great example of a character that has no business adventuring going on adventures.

Name: Crew

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Cleric

Domain: Light

Deity: Nus'tael

Background: Wind Speaker

Party: Clerical Error


The oldest memory Crew has is letting go of the hand of a parent (father or mother, elf or human, he does not remember) and listening to the wind tell him to get on the third ship down the row of boats at the dock. He abided by the wind, and though scared followed the whispers on the breeze and stowed away on the cargo ship. That day on, the wind dictated where he went. Often it was getting onto random boats, going with the odd captain needing a crew, and once swimming miles to an island the random ship he’d boarded sailed by. Crew choose his own name when he realized the word he was responding to most was ‘crew’ when called by a captain or first mate’s shout. Crew got by pretending to be a hired employee, collecting wages whenever they were handed out and legitimizing his pay by doing whatever work was currently needed on the ships. The ship he stayed longest on, and was perhaps most influential was The Dovern, a boat where he picked up the morales and beliefs of Nus’tael. His faith was reinvigorated when a boat that stunk of evil and demonic influence attempted to board The Dovern, when the rising sun stopped their onslaught entirely. Despite his beliefs, Crew has little faith in Nus’tael when the night comes- terrified of the dark and what lurks there, he trusts Nus’tael’s power in daylight. At night, Crew’s personality reverts back to that of what he was before The Dovern. Timid, cowardly, and nervous, he only prays that no trouble is sent their way whilst they live without sunshine. In daylight, Crew is confident, brave, and impulsive.

Important to Understand

With an intelligence score of 6 he can speak 4 languages but can't read. He's removed Gem's (Other Clerical Error Character) eyes to replace them with other eyes. He's currently got a list of saves and fails for permanant skin and eye damage because to praise the sun (his god) he sunbathes and stares at the sun.10/10 fun to play death wish character.



Out of Character:

Why is he like this? There's not a good answer. I blame my age. He can speak 4 languages but can't read. Intelligence score 6.