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Crux is a 29-foot sailing vessel that was won by Si Spinsail in negotiations with The Fey Court. She acts as the primary ship of The Spinsail Seven. She is captained by Kismet Spinsail.

While on land, Crux assumes the shape of an animate rubber duck and perches on Si Spinsail's shoulder.

The crew of Crux currently includes Kismet Spinsail, Bloop "Si" Spinsail, Carmen Bara, Rorric Wilhelm, Rhiann Sparkscale, Syn, and Bumi Ataahua.

Crux is a small but mighty vessel: she has been known to tow a 120-ft Orc cargo ship, and she has survived both a run-in with a greedy Dragon Turtle and an incursion of Sahuagin warriors. It is also rumored that Bumi Ataahua once fell 60 feet onto the deck of Crux and neither of them were hurt in the slightest.