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Dragonborn are a reclusive people. They live in clans and tribes scattered across the 1000 Isles dwelling in the bones of fallen titans from which they draw primordial energies to work great feats of magic and wonder. For the most part, the Dragonborn keep to themselves. It is the uniformed traveler that mistakes this reclusivity for xenophobia. Most dragonborn have no qualms about interacting with strangers or visitors. Some have been known to travel beyond their elemental homes for one reason or another.

Unlike other younger races, the venerable and ancient dragonborn are hardly a unified people. Each variety of dragonborn tends to have a unique culture and temperament.

Dragonborn Exclusive Knowledge

Children of the Dragons: Dragonborn see themselves as the children of their respect Draconic lines. Each tribe traces its origin back to a Draconic ancestor. As such, Dragonborn tend to revere all dragons, but especially those of their same color.

The bones in which the Dragonborn make their homes are not just corpses of fallen titans. They are also gateways into the primordial planes from which flows the raw essence of creation. The majority of each tribe devotes themselves to monitoring these gateways and dampening the elemental energies that flow through them. Though they have never discussed the matter with a unified voice, every dragonborn tribe is aware that should such portals be left unchecked, they will grow and shape themselves into the titans of legend, the great beings that fought god and dragon alike in ages long past.

When a dragonborn leaves their tribal home, it is with the unspoken task that they seek out other gateways to the primordial so that they may be contained. For the balance of creation must be maintained.