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Drijan, the Golden Isle. A huge land mass dominated by lush palm forests, Drijan is a major trading hub near The Horned Bank. Known for its hospitality, it boasts one of the largest gambling halls in the 1000 Islands. Beings from every race and description can be found here.


Tra'jin - The largest city on Drijan, surround on three sides by four mountain peaks The Three Lynx, The Overlook, Hodag's Peak, and Watchmen's Pass. The city below boasts the finest entertainment in all of the World Ship including the largest gambling hall Illion & The Shadow Queen. The docks and associated warehouses are south, where the gambling ship The Reserves starts and ends its daily journey around the entire island. Carts shuttle patrons from inns and taverns to an untold number of tables featuring all manner of games of chance. Drijanese, elves, gnomes, tieflings, dwarves, halflings, and all manner of humans were busy entertaining and being entertained as coin seems to freely change hands. The Halflings of the One Family have a, somewhat corrupt presence in the city.

Gambling halls of Tra'jin:

  • The Royal Decree - previously a mansion of the Drijan royal family converted into a massive inn and gambling hall. The gardens are impressive with rare blooming plants from every corner of the world (do not touch). Fancy but not the largest gambling hall.
  • The Reserve: A huge gambling ship in the harbor shaped roughly like a dragon taking a leisurely swim. It circumnavigates the island at dawn and returns just before sunset.
  • Bolnheim Illion & The Shadow Queen (symbols of luck and bad luck; formerly Bolnheim & The Shadow Queen) - The largest gambling hall in the city.
  • Lots of smaller, shadier gambling halls.

Games of chance:

  • Avidrass’ Favor
  • Gambit of Ord
  • Run of Luck – desert lizard race
  • Giants and Halflings:
    • Dealer rolls 1d10, or the "Giant," setting a target number, or the "Knee".
    • If dealer rolls a 1, the Giant "Kicks" and the house wins.
    • Player rolls 2d6, or the "Halflings," trying to match or exceed the Knee. Rolling lower than the knee results in a win for the house, rolling higher results in a win for the player.
    • On a double 1 roll, a snake scares the Giant and bets push.
    • If the player rolls an 11/12, or the "Maw," the Halflings are eaten and the house wins.
    • Players who hit the Knee exactly may split the dice by doubling their bet. When splitting, players roll one additional die per split, and all the normal rules apply.
    • The player may split a second time if they wish to become legendary.
      • Additional Notes:
        • Players don't need doubles to split, just dice that match the Knee. If the Knee is a 6 and a player rolls a 4 and a 2 on the Halflings, you can split.
        • Players are never required to split.
        • When splitting, players double their bet in the pot and roll a new Halfling to accompany the split of the initial Halfling rolls. So, in the 4 and 2 example above, the player would roll 2 new dice, one to go with the 4 and one to go with the 2.
        • Knee is 2-3: house pays 1:1
        • Knee is 4-6: house pays 2:1
        • Knee is 7-9: house pays 3:1
        • Knee is 10: house pays 5:1
  • Melf’s Obelisks - place bets by knocking the table at the appropriate times, moving Obelisks from black to red, and pulling bets when it looked as though the center is about to “topple”. The odds are better when there a lot of people playing. (I didn’t make up any formal rules for this one)

Places of interest around Tra'jin:

  • Silber’s Tower: Near the harbor. Tall enough to watch The Reserve for the first and last quarter of its journey around the island.16 stories.
  • Daniel’s Leather Shop - made a hard case for Kismet’s snake and “family heirloom”.
  • Lott’s Locks - Makes some really secure locks. I bought one made of bronze with a shiny brass door to cover the keyhole.
  • Bagdad Inn – Where Kismet stayed on a previous journey.
  • Budget Inn – Where Kismet ended up when he drunkenly wandered away.
  • Concert hall of the Drijan Bards Guild - Boasting famous talent from around the world (Some of the more prominent pubs had scrying pools that would play these events live)
  • The Three Lynx – a peak that overlooks the city from the East.
  • Flieg’s Dinner Theater – produces the finest in entertainment as well as gastro-delights.]
  • Ataahua’s & Ataahua Gem shop – recently closed.
  • Dingy Dinghy Pub
  • Bucket of Blood Saloon

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