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All Dwarves belong to The Coldiron Empire. They are the Unmoved, the only race living on islands that are still. The Stone Lords. The Dwarven Empire is vast. Originally stemming from four central islands, they now form a medium sized continent. Seizing on their ability to shape the islands and land they live upon, not only do the dwarven cities reach out towards other islands but also into the heavens above. The dwarven cities are old. Without the constant need to move from island to island, a vast civilization has flourished under imperial rule. The people of the empire are seen as one collective unit. Once they were Elves, Humans, and Half-orcs; now they are seen in the eyes of the Empire as one.

Dwarves pride themselves on their collection of information, lore, and history. They sail the world, discovering new tales and retelling old ones. They explore rich histories of places and people. Though the Dwarven ancestral raiders would take this knowledge by any means, now expedition and mercenary forays provide more recent discoveries.

Dwarven Exclusive Knowledge

While scholarly work is important to the dwarven people, it is by no means the only part of their culture. Dwarves have deep understanding of warfare and naval combat. Their expansion has not always been as simple as growing stone and raising towers to the sky. In order to maintain control of the world’s knowledge, they have also appointed themselves as the world's guardians. This has in the past caused disagreements between them and other races of the world. Inevitably causing war and then the absorption of other islands into the Dwarven empire. These old islands are known as Uleng Nïr, or the lost land in Dwarven. Because of this, a vast population of other races live within the Dwarven Empire.

Dwarven travelers are widely accepted, often drawing upon their vast knowledge of trade, mining, and blacksmithing. A dwarf is always ready to strike up a deal and haggling comes naturally to them. As the empire has grown over time the nature of dwarves has become more competitive. They seek to maintain their empire in any way that would benefit their great society. This can lead to quick arguments and fits of stubborness.

Though their avarice for knowledge is vast, Dwarves remain averse to eagerly accepting modern technology as Dwarves have a strong, even magical, connection to the natural world. They are slightly behind other races when it comes to newer innovations, but still remain competitive due to their vast libraries and integration of other races.

The four original Dwarven islands make up the seats of power across the continent. In place of the original islands, there are now vast cities. Each city is held by one of the four major dwarven clans. The foundation of these Dwarven cities extends all the way to the ocean floor. As the cities grew the foundation of the islands sank eventually landing in the dark depths. The lower levels of these foundations are shrouded in mystery. The ancestral homes of the dwarves, they are labyrinthine and partially forgotten. Base levels of the foundation are so deep that light can't get to them from the ocean surface. Rumor has it every dwarven city is actually interconnected, but the deepest levels are sealed off. They are referred to as "The Underdark." Some shameful secret lurks down here, and no dwarf speaks of it.

On land, Dwarven power is in stone. On water, Dwarven power is in coral. One of the first races to be absorbed by the empire was the Tritons.Threatened by dwarven stone-growers burying their shallow-water kingdoms, the tritons brought their extensive knowledge of the undersea to the dwarves - the beginning of both the Dwarven empire and the understanding that knowledge is power. When dwarves take to the sea, it is in ships of living coral. Guided by seadruids who can read the weather and maintain the algae needed to keep the ships alive, the sailless longships of the dwarves are far-reaching and difficult to spot from afar. The dwarves raid distant libraries, monasteries, and even cities, pillaging everything of value but loading their limited holds with books, scrolls and other items of foreign knowledge before anything else is taken. Only tropical waters are beyond their reach, since even the dwarven druids cannot keep the algae alive and moving in high heat. Dwarven Sub-Races: In addition to the options available in the PHB, players can choose the following sub-race.

Coral Dwarf

As a coral dwarf, you are adapt at sea travel, accustomed to the harsh life that comes with it. Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity score increases by 2. Emissary of the Sea: You are trained to be an expert swimmer. You have 30ft of swim speed and have advantage on checks involving swimming.