Dwarven Watcher

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In service of the Dwarven Empire, you seek to further the vast stores of knowledge kept within the dwarven halls. You use the advantages of the empire to further your goals, persuading those with new information to part with it.

Game Statistics

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, History

Languages: Dwarven

Tool Proficiencies: Cartographer’s Tools Or Navigator’s Tools


You explore for the love of discovery and furthering the knowledge of the dwarven empire. Your journey brought you to some secret, mythical, far off, or otherwise inaccessible place and returned. You know about that place, its inhabitants, culture, dangers, magic, etc. You might have returned with some mementos of your journey as well.

Feature: Archaelogist

When you enter a ruin or dungeon, you have a high chance you can ascertain its original purpose and determine its builders, whether those were dwarves, elves, humans, yuan-ti, or some other known race. In addition, you can closely determine the monetary value of art objects more than a century old. (advantage on knowledge history) 

Suggested Characteristics

d8-Personality Trait

  1. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can’t help it. - I’m a perfectionist.
  2. I’m a snob who looks down on those who can’t appreciate fine art.
  3. I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.
  4. I’m full of witty aphorisms and have a proverb for every occasion
  5. I’m rude to people who lack my commitment to hard work and fair play.
  6. I like to talk at length about my profession.
  7. I don’t part with my money easily and will haggle tirelessly to get the best deal possible.
  8. I’m well known for my work, and I want to make sure everyone appreciates it. I'm always taken aback when people haven’t heard of me.


  1. Community. It is the duty of all civilized people to strengthen the bonds of the Empire.
  2. Generosity. My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world.
  3. Freedom. Everyone should be free to pursue his or her own livelihood.
  4. Greed. I’m only in it for the money.
  5. People. I’m committed to the people I care about, not to ideals.
  6. Aspiration. I work hard to be the best there is at my craft.


  1. The workshop where I learned my trade is the most important place in the world to me.
  2. I created a great work for someone, and then found them unworthy to receive it.
  3. I owe my guild a great debt for forging me into the person I am today.
  4. I pursue wealth to secure someone’s love.
  5. One day I will return to my guild and prove that I am the greatest artisan of them all
  6. I will get revenge on the evil forces that destroyed my place of business and ruined my livelihood.


  1. I’ll do anything to get my hands on something rare or priceless
  2. I’m quick to assume that someone is trying to cheat me
  3. No one must ever learn that I once stole money from guild coffers
  4. I’m never satisfied with what I have— I always want more.
  5. I would kill to acquire a noble title
  6. I’m horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork.