Ellqynn "Spike" Nailo

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23 year old Half-Elf Ranger

Parents: Molly Cooper, human sailor, ran a fishing vessel out of Frog's Harbor. Ellqynn Nailo, high elf. I only know my father's name. He met my mother while traveling looking for some arcane knowledge to bring back to his people. I have not yet sought him out. My mother was killed by a monster in the marshes outside of my home town when I was 13.




Mom was a sailor, dad is a high elf. I spent my early youth aboard fishing vessels. I was known for sneaking aboard ships as they were setting sail just to spend time on the water and for sneaking into the woods outside of the Port town of Frog Harbor. I was an eager student of nature. Mom worked on a fairly successful fishing vessel - she was killed by a monster while walking the dunes on a rare day off. I was 13.

The night before my mother's attack, I witnessed a falling red star while sitting in a tree dreaming of the future. I was certain it was an omen of some sort. The next day my mother lost her life to a giant reptilian monster. Since I never truly knew my father, I know his name as we share it, I was now an orphan.

I was the product of an youthful indiscretion on my father's part as he was traveling in search of some arcane knowledge to bring back to his people. I was taken in by a friend of my mother's who owned the local tavern, a dwarf called Dragoon CaskFist.. It is here that I met, Kravelan Strykkr. Strykkr worked for the company and had moved to town to establish new trade routes in the area. He took me under his wing teaching me the ways of the wild, hunting, tracking and the like. I took to this type of learning very well as the desire to avenge my mother's death burns deep in my belly. When he left the next year, I left with him and have been in the employ of the company ever since.

Dreams often haunt my sleep, dreams of monsters and slaughter, and a dark force guiding the terror.

During my years with the company, I have been privy to the many different aspects of the company. I have been trained in many weapons and wilderness skills. I am usually sent out to scout routes for the various faces of the company.

I have most recently been sent to a new port city to liaise with the local Thieves Guild Chapter. The Baron and Baroness have attracted the notice of my company as potential allies in some business venture. The details, I have not been privy to, but I have been sent to the town to insinuate myself with the locals and get close to the guild.