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Like many of the Stones, Eluia drifts. However, due to the need to be reliably found by merchants and agricultural ships, Eluia stays in the same general vicinity near the equator.

Eluia is home to a large city of the same name. The city covers most of the land mass of this large island. It is home to many skilled craftspeople and some of the finest wares can be obtained there. There is a huge outdoor market where some of the most sought after items can be acquired or even custom made. The city is very reliant on the influx of food from outside sources because there is no room for farms or ranches. Strong trade relationships with outsiders ensure that food is provided.


Gilded Garments

The Halfling, Gilda Rodney, hawks any and all armors and wearables as long as they come with her signature flair. Want a sick dragon emblazoned upon scalemail? Or some hottie laid across the back of your full plate? This is your place. Everything sold here has Gilda's signature art enameled in place. Just remember that such treasures do not come cheaply.

The Dark Crystal

The shop of the well regarded jeweler, Dirk Hassan. His wears range from the merely decorative to the immensely powerful. Hassan carries everything from strings of faceted stones to raw uncut gems in his darkly lit, scremo-inspired gallery. Hassan loves to strike deals, but has been known to go great lengths to ensure the asking price is paid.

Temple of The Illuminated

The Illuminated devoted operate the temple as both a place of worship to Nus'tael and Danayu as well as a school.

Tell Tale Signs

Egru of N'gala has peered through the planks of the World Ship and seen some of its secrets. Pendants, charms, wards, and catchers can be found woven with sacred stones and mystic artifacts to bring luck and soothe an otherwise tortured soul. Some knowledge can be found, though how much depends on your belief.

Unnamed Tailor

Those who cant follow the signs may just find a gentleman tailor with all that you need to look, which is to say be, your best on any occasion. Nothing looks better than confidence and what better than a charming confidant to help build you up.