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Metropolis - Population: 287,550 (68% Human, 7% Dwarven, 6% Elven, 19% Other)

Cultural heart of the island. Nexus of politics, justice, business, industry, and education. Encircled by 60-foot-high walls. Accessible only through its heavily-patrolled gates and by ship. Well protected from attackers and sieges. A well-trained force of guards known as the Arms of Emon enforces the laws of the land from the Military District. Dense farms and farm communities surround the northeastern and southern landscape outside the city walls.


Council of Emon


Human empire but boast a diverse populace. An elven island visits regularly for trade and a dwarven island has a friendly current. Commerce is good and trade agreements bind these groups. Halfling and gnomish relationships are good as they help maintain the network of trade.


The people of Emon have come a long way since human supremacy of Drassig's rule, but lingering discrimination still burns is some pockets. The elite social groups are resistant to non-human inclusion to their ranks and slums have some overt discrimination. Merchants are the most liberal as their trade and livelihood relies on cooperation.

The city has had a recent explosion of infrastructure building and growth via magical means, cooperating with a school of wizards called the Alabaster Lyceum. Some within the Council of Emon have grown cautious as the Lyceum now owns much of the debt owed by the city. The port also brings in many less-that-legal goods with high profit margins. This source of wealth has allowed a criminal underground called The Clasp to flourish as many city officials has been put on the payroll. The fragile new republic already threaten to collapse under the cost of its renascence.

Hundreds of tunnels run beneath Emon, the forgotten remnants of paved-over neighborhoods and secret passageways made by thieves' guilds during the reign of Drassig. These tunnels are now home to the Clasp's secret headquarters, where all manner of thieves, killers, fences, and spies are gathered underneath their banner. The Shadow also operate as a secret patron of the Clasp. The Clasp take orders from The Shadow when called, but are left to their own devices within their own turf.

Geography and Climate

Emon is not a tourist destination for its climate- the city is more temperate and prone to rain showers than most. Those who live here still love it. Cool summers and warm winters, thanks to the nearby Ozmit Sea. Rarely snows. Reservoirs are filled by snowmelts from Cliffkeep Mountains.

Districts of Emon

The Central District

The largest residential district within Emon's walls, housing most of the city's merchant class, including traveling traders, ship captains, and guild apprentices. The district is a patchwork of thousands of personal homes, tenements, and guildhalls of all shapes and sizes, peppered with small taverns and inns on nearly street corner.

The neighborhoods lay clustered together among tightly set streets, occasionally broken up by park grasses or the Ozmit Waterways that snake through the region between the promenade and the port. Visitors to the Central District are advised not to go out at night; the wealth gap has seen crime rise recently and the city watch is reluctant to find a constructive solution. Residents who know the lay of the land have an easier time at night and can help visitors avoid the most dangerous streets.

The Cloudtop District

The height of luxury and throne of the social elite, containing the Palace of the Sovereign alongside the mansions of the various lords and ladies of the city. The district is encircled by a 100-foot-high wall of shining white stone.

The Temple District

In the northern area of Emon, a ward that fosters many great sanctuaries built to uphold the worship of the city's many dominate religions.

Travelers and sailors come to leave token and fits at shrines to bless their journeys, while merchants seek the graces of the gods before a risky endeavor. The meek search for wisdom and artist and wistful folks give praise. Not all folk are drawn toward nor trusting of religion as temples in the past have been exposed as frauds or worse, corrupting cells hidden in the service of darker gods.

The Erudite Quarter

Center for higher education and studious pursuits throughout the land. Beautiful towers stretch to the sky across a cityscape of centuries-old halls of learning and student boarding houses. The finest schools and colleges draw the wealthy, the gifted, and the brilliant. Academies of the arts socially duel with universities of intellectual pursuits, all while overshadowed by the Alabaster Lyceum, the largest and most accomplished institute of arcane study on the continent.

Abdar's Promenade

Abdar's Promenade is the open marketplace district and massive bazaar that dominates eastern Emon. Named for the legendary spice monger from Marquet who helped fund the construction of Emon, the name of Abdar is synonymous with both generosity and business savvy. Tents, carts, warehouses, and shops stretch for miles of intertwining roads. Nearly everything and anything you seek can be purchased, with the darker pursuits leading to Clasp-run rackets that work beyond the reach of the law. The Promenade is ever a whirlwind of commerce and excess, with a vigilant patrol by the city watch.

Renowned establishments: