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Dungeon Master

Eric is the DM for the [Spinsail Seven]


OH! That's a good question.

Memorable NPCs

Previous DM
[Kismet Spinsail] - Old Captain
Boabus - Sexy centaur
Rorry Kestrel - Lost boy
Lars (Laramie) - Lost Boy that stayed in
Rorry - Lost boy that was going back to Poz but, ended up staying on
Anders - Rorric II
Owen - Lost Boy that went to the Magister's Circle to study magic
Dimitri - Lost Boy that went to the Magister's Circle to study magic
Frederick - Lost Boy that went to the Magister's circle to study magic
Current DM
Menelaus - Kismet's Older Brother
Arete Spinsail - Sister of Kismet
Seedling Carhani Jelnosa Spitra Prina Clever Sedden Nissa Nyberg Turen Skippy Nyx Nackle - Kismet's girlfriend ♥
Keh’thur-irl - Gold Dragon
Muansi - Copper Dragon
Lora-sira Acul, Dono-ap di Mit-ne (follower of light) - Emissary of Nus'tael
Cervene Draak- Red Syndicate Red Dragonborn Ranger
Sail Sapphire - Red Syndicate Elf that maybe got mauled by a Polar Bear in a snow storm
Aknar Kennis - Friend of Nissa
Suttung - Frost Giant who's in the Elemental Plane of Fire
Galar - Killed Suttung is now dead forever
Fjalar - Killed Suttung is now dead forever
Mort - Bad Necromancer
Polybius - Scribe from Terbinna
Paige Pericos - Had the staff of the Necromancer before Mort
Carver Whittle - Gnome Pilot of the Submersible
Captain Myrin Naethyra - Former captain of the ; ♀ Wood Elf Monk (Deceased - killed by the Titaness Asteria)
First Mate Zus Crub (♀ Half-orc, Paladin)
Navigator Ceredic Noakes (♂ halfling, Bard)
Boatswain Perseus “Eggy” Eaglebones (♂ Human, Ranger)
Diplomat Irolea Pender (♀ Centaur, Wizard)
Taimorrah Sparkscale - Cousin of [Rhiann Sparkscale]
Yusef Lateef - flute owned by [Kingsley Wolfram-Hart]

Miscellaneous Information