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Character Overview

  • Name: Fara Valwynn
  • Appearance: At 100 years old, Fara looks to be about 18-20 in human years. Like many high elves, she has long black hair that she keeps tied back (makes it easier to read) and bright green eyes.



Fara Valwynn is the daughter of Ayred and Amedee Valwynn, master wizards who serve as the heads of the noble and powerful Valwynn family. Like most elves, Ayred and Amedee struggled to conceive. It took centuries to conceive Faeranduil, Fara’s older brother. They lived together as a happy family for two hundred years. Upon reaching adulthood, Faeranduil decided to venture out into the mortal realm to secure the Three Boons. He was slain by mortals who lusted after the power his soul could provide. They burned his body, preventing resurrection and causing his death to become permanent.

When they learned of his fate, Ayred was furious and Amedee was devastated. They coped in their own ways. Ayred developed a hatred for all things non-elf, while Amedee became reclusive and overly-cautious. Amedee refused to leave the refuge of the Valwynn high tree. A few centuries later, Ayred and Amedee were blessed with a daughter – who they named Fara, after her slain brother. Fara has only ever known these xenophobic and reclusive versions of her parents, though she hears stories on occasion about how they used to engage in carefree revelry prior to Faeranduil’s death.

Ayred and Amedee vowed to do things right this time, to protect Fara where they failed Faeranduil. They decided to confine her to the family tree until they deemed her ready for the outside world - for her protection. Fara spent her childhood trapped inside, studying her father’s spell books while looking down upon the revelry taking place in the trees below her– revelry she was never permitted to join. Fara wished desperately for a friend. On occasion, she would be allowed to head to the market on her own when her father was too busy and her mother was too scared to venture outside. Her parents gave her firm instructions to speak only to known elves and to go only to the market.

Naturally, Fara ignored these rules. Her favorite market days were the days when the half-elf trade ships reached their shoes. Over the years, she made friends with a charming half-elf named Lucan who would tell her stories of the mortal world outside the Elder Tree and bring her trinkets from his travels – a rubber duck, a stuffed animal, a cream that was supposed to protect against these things called “wrinkles.” These trinkets became Fara’s most valuable possessions – she treasured them above all else, even the jewels, fine clothes, and other beautiful things that filled her bedroom. These trinkets represented a chance at friendship, opportunity, everything that life has to offer outside the Valwynn tree.

One day, Ayred called Fara into his chambers. Fara casually entered, expecting her father to have a new scroll for her to study, but instead she saw all of her treasures strewn across his bed. Ayred was furious. He berated Fara for ignoring his rules regarding market days and for demonstrating an interest in the kind of disgusting mortals who murdered her brother. Fara argued that she never even met Faeranduil but she has met mortals and they are not all bad. This sent her father into a fury so terrifying that Fara thought he might actually strike her. Fara’s mother, ever the coward, did nothing to defend her.

Fed up with her father’s xenophobia and her mother’s agoraphobia, Fara decided she couldn’t take this anymore. She couldn’t spend an entire immortal life cooped up in the Valwynn tree, forbidden from even engaging in the natural revelry of elves. She thought that maybe the knowledge of the Three Boons could finally shake them from the effects of their grief. A laugh that lasts a decade could go a long way towards helping her mother relax. She also wanted to prove to her father that there is good in people – mortal and elf alike. She decided it was time to go.

She snuck out in the middle of the night on the next market day, silently navigating the city until she found Lucan on his trade ship. She begged him for passage to the mortal world. He was initially reluctant, knowing what it means for her to leave, so she had to resort to Suggestion. He was furious when he found out that she magicked him, but they were already far from the Elder Tree at that point that he couldn’t exactly take her back. He agreed to give her safe passage to the mortal realm if she would agree never to magic him again unless requested.

And this is the story of how Fara began her journey to the mortal world to seek The Boons, to save her family, and to experience life, friendship, and new wonders for the first time.


Ayred Valwynn: (Father) Master Wizard, Noble, Head of the Esteemed Valwynn Family

Amedee Valwynn: (Mother) Master Wizard, Noble

Farenduil Valwynn: (Brother) Permanently Deceased


Fara has been trapped inside for the entirety of her existence with her xenophobic father and agoraphobic mother so she is... awkward to say the least. And gullible. And completely unaware that actions - like casting Fireball on her own ship - have consequences. She also struggles to shake the 100 years of xenophobic nurture that she grew up with. The combination of her difficult upbringing and lack of social skills can be amusing in some moments and troubling in others. She tends to see the lives of mortals to be of lesser worth than the lives of elves. This leads to a tendency to strike first and ask questions later in negotiations, a habit that her more diplomatic crewmates hope to break.

She also is used to having unlimited access to scrolls, fine food, and elegant clothes. She is having an awful time adjusting to the cash-strapped life of a non-noble mage.

Catch Phrases

"I have low charisma!"

"Can we fireball it?"

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