Flotsam and Jest Some

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Whether it's tackling threats under the surface of Thrust, blowing wads of cash in Elusia or battling Orcs on the High Seas, "Flotsam and Jest Some" has the seafaring life covered.


In the bright early morning after Evegronne, the future crew of Flotsam and Jest Some awoke to cold water and barking orders. As an efficient, thorough and collectively black-out drunk unit, they had ransacked the harbor for hoards of scrap metal and booze.

Log Book

The Isle of Thrust

Commanded by then Corporal Cast Braddagan to scour the city's drainage lines, and collect magic artefacts, in exchange for forgiveness for Evegronne's revelry gone awry, FaJS encountered a pack of Xvarts constructing a hoard of items to summon their personal god. To protect their shrine and sacrifice, the pack had blocked no small number of pipes. Upon clearing the pipes of blockages and Xvarts, FaJS were swept up in a deluge but managed to escape the tunnels without losses. They also managed to escape with arcane cubes, enscribed with strange runes, which they (mostly) agreed to keep hidden from Thrust officials.

The Battle of the Storm

Resting after their endeavor in the sewers, the crew holed up Below Decks (the tavern), where they waited. After four days of the raging storm, Cast Braddagan burst into the tavern and requested whatever magical goods the party had found in the tunnels. While the party was stalling for time, once again the doors blew open, this time with Orcs dashing in with nets and weapons, ensnaring any with elven blood. The party bested these raiders and ventured into the streets to challenge the oncoming invasion. The crew made their way to the docks, where an Orc shaman and his minions awaited with hostages in tow. After a hard-fought battle, only one sacrifice was successful, and the dark tendrils that it spawned were beaten back to the waves. Throughout the storm, however, the crew was "assisted" by strange Dwarven magic-users, their limbs replaced with ghostly energy.

Raiders of the Lost Orc

Major Accomplishments

Scuttled and Sank the famed ship of the Orc pirate, Gothmog

The Galley