Fourth Flotilla

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Also known as The Mighty Ducks.

Present - Season 2

Tz'arrm, Storm's Bastion

Ships of the Fourth Flotilla

Corvus Crew

DM: Mike


Logs and Journals


Corvus Crew Magical Treasures

Corvus Crew Mundane Treasures

Name Form Current Holder
Cabal's Ruin Cloak Shrike
Condemner Bow Milo
Honor's Last Stand Shield Xuradra
Mythcarver Rapier Zandig
Whisper Dagger Zamir
Storm's Fury Glaive Shrike

Allies and Enemies

Centaurus / The Quacken

DM: Sean


Logs and Journals

Cygnus, Party By Storm

DM: Quinn


Exploring the Worldship

Fallen Comrads


Gifts and Delightful Finds
Name Form Current Holder
Adventurer’s Sash Cloak Rowan Blakemoor
Cape of Fallen Favor Cape Audi Fuentes
Scales of the Piranha Helmet Owlbert of the Kenku
Twirling hat of Buoyant Charm Helmet Breena Twinneedle
Staff of the Fig Tree Staff Erdan of the Oak Tower Tribe
Staff of the Four Winds Staff Erdan of the Oak Tower Tribe
Spear of Divine Balance Spear Ander Fischer
An Interpretation of Titan Primordial Energy Tome Vrondiss Frostwind
Cygnus' Dancing Sword Sword Breena Twinneedle
Cygnus' Orb of Mind Melding Wonderous Item Sygel Ethertide

Current Allies

Dead Allies

Floatilla Isle Locations

Horn Guard
Society of the Forgotten

Foes of Note

Logs and Journals

See Also

History - Season 1

The Order of Collateral Damage

Stories from the OCD

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