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Born of the Seas

Freeport, tiefling bard and former helmsman of the Salty Seaward, travels with Kraken Knuckles. He is accompanied by a strange fox who recently joined their group after they discovered an old castle.

Character Description

Freeport has lavender skin and horns, but otherwise might be mistaken from a distance as a small-framed human, aside from the tail. His horns grow from his forehead towards the back of his skull and lay close to his scalp. He has long black hair that blends into a bright teal just below his shoulders. He has sharp facial features, with high cheekbones and a straight nose, and his eyes are turquoise. His right arm is covered in a sleeve tattoo of geometric design that extends down to his mid-forearm.

He wears brown armor made of tightly woven strips of boiled leather - it looks pretty and handcrafted, but unlikely to defend against much. He carries a worn and well-crafted lute, coated in wax for seaproofing, with a painted pattern of geometric cubes on the back, and a colorful skyscape on the front.

Character Stats

Ability Scores
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
9 14 15 12 10 21

Freeport is resistant to fire, cold, poison, thunder, and lightning damage. Because he is a gosh-darned BOSS.

Magical Items

  • Day, the 2nd Fox
  • AKA Fox-bro
  • Fochlucan Bandore (attuned)
  • Cigar-box of Holding
  • Angel-skin Armor of Resistance (attuned)
  • Staff of Mental Prowess (attuned)


Freeport was born to two Zeteshi sailors. Neither of his parents had any infernal heritage, as far as they knew, so it seemed quite a surprise when he was born. As the other crewmates on the Shivering Lemur later told him, his mother had stayed long enough to give him a name, Zebuxxoruuk, and recover from the birth, then was just gone one day. They searched the Lemur bow to stern for days, laid anchor and cast nets expecting to find a body, but there was no sign of her whatsoever. As a result, young Zeb was raised by his father and the rest of the Lemur’s crew. They lived comfortably on the merchant vessel, never staying at one island or city long. Zeb was a social child, and his extended family enjoyed having Zeb and the handful of other crewmates’ children aboard, so he never lacked for friends. He grew up being fascinated by stories and languages, and after leaving the Lemur to set out on his own, quickly became enamored by the traveling musicians he encountered in various taverns. While Zeb was ostensibly supposed to be attending formal schooling on his father’s coin, he decided to take a gap year four years ago to travel with a group of bards, who gifted him with the nickname of Freeport, and fell in love with traveling and the adventure of the open seas.

Bonds, Goals, and Flaws

Personality Traits
I’m always there for my mates. They can rely on me no matter what.
The Conservatory’s town had some excellent taverns and breweries, but the students of the college were exceptionally snooty. They didn’t take to Halor well, claiming he couldn’t be a real bard for he never spent time at the college of lore, which was true, but that was none of their business. Freeport wasn’t fond of calling the shadows, but the look on their faces when all the windows and doors of the tavern flew open and slammed shut was priceless. It didn’t earn Freeport any favors, but Halor was decidedly less surly over their next drink.

Sometimes a good story needs the truth to be stretched first.

Freeport took another swig of his glass. “One time, I played with a group of lute-playing tabaxi who called themselves the Pussycats. They were sweet, but once they invited that Alizarin Josie, everything turned to shit. Josie demanded a manager and took credit for all the mysteries we solved. She was a real bitch.”
Mutual respect between a crew and their captain is required to keep a good ship together.
The Throaty Mermaid was the second ship that Freeport had ever served on, and the tension between the shipmates was palpable. Freeport didn’t stay long, but had his first taste of real combat when the Mermaid was attacked by a small band of orc pirates. Freeport found himself falling in step with the rest of the crew as all tension fell aside for the moment, and they worked in harmony to repel the pirates.
I have fond memories of my first ship.
Zeb stood at the bow of the Shivering Lemur. He loved the feel of the wind in his face, his hair flowing behind him, and the oceanspray glistening on his skin. As the keel broke through the water, it felt as though he were on the back of a wild animal, riding across the sky. His father cleared his throat, breaking him from the reverie. Zeb turned back to see him holding out a finely painted lute. Leaving his father and the crew, and the Lemur itself, would be heart-wrenching, but it was time for him to see the world through his own eyes.
I never back down once someone questions my courage. No matter how dangerous and life-threatening the situation.
Zeb was only 7 or 8 when he truly met outsiders to the Shivering Lemur’s crew. The family of Aliziran merchants had lost their ship to pirates, but as it happened, had a son of Zeb’s age. The boy had never met a tiefling before, let alone a tiefling child, and while the two quickly became playmates, the friendship quickly turned to successively dangerous dares. One day, the children had climbed to the top of the crow’s nest, and the boy, Marko, dared Zeb to call on his shadowy friends to catch them as they jumped. So they jumped. Shadows seemed to rise up from the deck of the ship to catch Zeb, and he survived with just a broken leg. Marko did not.

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