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Male Half-Orcish Bearer of the Whale Totem.


Gothmog, originally born Atrus, is the son of an infamous Orc pirate captain named Gothmog and a human Alizarin mother named Muneera who was captured in a fishing village during a raid. Gothmog is now one of the most feared pirates, commanding a flotilla of Orc ships who pillage, rape, and murder their way across the world, but back then he was but 2nd in command of a pirate vessel. Muneera escaped when a pod of whales struck the pirate ship, breaking her cage and allowing her to slip away in a small row boat. She spent several days at sea, during which she felt guided and protected by the whales of the ocean, which her people had long known kinship with.

Eventually, she found herself on nearby land, where she found passage from island to island until she made it to a far-away place where half-Orcs were a normal part of society. She raised her son Atrus for five years there until Gothmog the pirate found the village. He had been searching for her after she humiliated him by escaping his ship. He was enraged to find her with a half-orc son, and he pulled her and Atrus into the village square for execution, where he declared that he would stamp out the names of Muneera and Atrus forever as retribution. Before he could do so, the local town mayor Bareil, who had been an Alizarin Legionnaire in the Glass Wolves, shot Gothmog with an arrow in the shoulder, wounding him and creating an opening for Muneera and Atrus to run. Gothmog killed Bareil with a hand-axe and then flung another into Muneera as she fled. Atrus pulled the hand-axe from his mother’s back, but she was mortally wounded. Muneera told Atrus to run and hide in the woods, where he lost his Orc pursuers. Furious, Gothmog sent his pirates to cut down every half-orc on the island and to bring back Atrus' head.

Atrus found refuge with a family of white Dragonborn, who hid him from searching Orc pirates until Legionnaires arrived and sent Gothmog's pirates fleeing. Atrus stayed with this family, befriending their young son Colt. Atrus remained until he turned 14 and joined the Alizarin Glass Wolves Legion. After 15 years of fighting for the Legion, Atrus has left to seek out new ways of defending those in need. Out of gratitude for the protection they provided his mother long ago, he follows the path of the totem warrior bonded to the great whales. He goes by the name "Gothmog" so that the Orc pirates will hear of his deeds and come looking for him, so that he can unleash his pent-up rage on his cruel father. He still carries the wicked hand-axe that stole the life of his mother, so that he can use it on the creature that most deserves to feel its edge.

Homeland: Alizar