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Half Elves are the rare bond between the immortal and the mortal. They are the ones who walk in both worlds but also walk in neither. Being the third most populous race in the world, Half Elves are a reminder that even the immortal Elves need to carry on their legacies and try to gain their morality, but as generations have passed, true half- blooded folks are far and few between.

Half-Elf Exclusive

“Half Elves” include not only the progeny of human and elven relationships, but also 2nd or 3rd generation half elves, or offspring of half elves with human or elven partners. This means there is wide variety in the looks for Half Elves, ranging from human skin tones to bluish-white, copper, or even bronze. Pointy ears are more or less pronounced in the variations, and some Half Elves even have body and/or facial hair. Names for Half Elves follow human standards because of the society they live in, but sometimes they do take liberties.

Half-elves are the World Ship’s great diplomats. They are welcome universally; their innate charisma and heritage granting them access to elven forest islands and human empires alike. Suffering from fewer of the drawbacks that both sides of their lineage presents (and more of the benefits), half elves are often welcome where their parents are not, even among Coldiron dwarves and Gnomish submarines. Half Elves are almost as common as half orcs and humans in this world. They are everywhere in society: in the various parts of a large city to the cozy cottages of villages and tribes. One thing all half elves have in common though is they all know the stories of the Islands of the Elves. They have dreamed of these places but know deep down they are never allowed to be there. Rumor has it that at one time a group of half elves attempted to make it to the Elf islands, but they were never heard from again. Some believe that the elves destroyed these half abominations, while others believe that they were accepted into Elven society fully as storytellers and scholars. These stories will be forever stories and always linger as curious thoughts and notions.

It is rare for Half Elves to be raised by both parents. Commonly born to elves either in exile or on their quest for the Three Boons, the parentage of a half-elf is a taboo subject on elven island cultures. Usually the Elven parent, be it mother or father, disappears when the child is born. Half-elf babies glow either silver or gold for the first few months before fading, leaving behind a twinkle in the child’s eyes. Twins are rare but can occur, and both receive this glow. As the Elven bloodline thinned through generations, the look and glimmer in the eyes have become almost imperceptible.

Half-elves play a crucial role in elven society as news bearers and emissaries to mortal cultures. While most races may trade at the docks of Elven Forest Islands, the elves view this duty as uncouth and burdensome. Half-elves are welcome into the Elven homes. Their Fey nature eases some of the surrealness of keeping immortal company while their mortality helps them push the pace of these social interactions.

(Optional) Roll Chart for Appearance D10 1- Freckles 2- pointed ears 3- rounded, pointed ears 4- round, human ears 5- pointed, elvish features 6- rounded, human features 7- light body hair/ facial hair (if the character has facial hair) 8- bluish-white skin 9- Silver or Gold Eyes 10- Blue or Green Hair

Half-Elf Variants - A Half Elf can forgo Skill Versatility and instead choose: the wood elf’s Elf Weapon Training, Fleet of Foot, or Mask of the Wild. the high elf’s Elf Weapon Training or Cantrip.

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