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In all societies where humans are, Half Orcs can be found as well. From bustling cities to small farming communities, Half Orcs are there. As the second most common race in the world, Half Orcs are rarely even considered “half” anymore. There are some that still see a tragic combination of orc pirates and human parent, but as generations have passed, true half- blooded folks are far and few between. “Half Orcs” are a range of 2nd or 3rd generation half orcs or even where half orcs have married with humans, allowing the “half” to be really a minor part of their lineage. Of course, this means the looks for Half Orcs vary from dark shades of green and grey to lighter, muted hints of green-tint under human skin tones. The underbite is more or less pronounced in the variations, and heights range from typical orcish towering stature to petite human sizes. Names for Half Orcs follow human standards because of the society they live in, but sometimes they do take liberties.

Half-Orc Exclusive

As mentioned above, half orcs are almost as common as humans throughout the lands. They have woven themselves right into the fabric of society-- They own taverns, inns, shops, land, and even ships. They are uncommonly seen in Noble lineage and are typically the ones running the orphanages. There are even some rural villages of just half orc communities in the depths of the countryside, and deep into mountains and deserts, there are even tribes of herding Half Orc communities. However, one place that Half Orcs are not welcome is on the Orc pirate ships.

Half Orcs that encounter Orc pirates either in their fishing villages or on the high seas are usually killed first as an example of destroying the bastard lineage the Orcs have sown. Half-Orcs are never seen sailing with Orcs, since Orcs do not want to claim these results of their malevolent nature into their tribes or onto their ships.

What is truly fascinating is that Half Orcs are seen by society as lucky or a good omen. It is an unspoken belief that Half orcs in society are viewed as Good reclaiming the Evil of the world, and they are a brilliant symbol of hope and prosperity.

When it comes to learning the languages of Orcs, it has been passed down through Half Orc communities or from parents to child, but like many oral traditions, some words are changed or replaced and dialects can be heard from different regions. �(Optional) Roll Chart for Appearance D10 1- Overgrown tusks 2- Average tusks 3- Small tusks/ no tusks 4- Dark green skin 5- Medium green skin 6- Light green skin 7- Human skin tones with a hint of green 8- Freckles 9- Pointy ears 10- Rounded ears �