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Of Many Names

Halor Galadon or Esgar, as he is more commonly known, travels the Sapphirene Atolls with Kraken Knuckles. Mysterious as he is, a purpose lies strongly in the discerning glare of his eyes.

Physical Description

Character Stats

Known Aliases

Esgar Berevan

Traveler, Adventurer, Ally of Kraken Knuckles

Valen Aloro

Singer, Songwriter, Credited with writing a collection of love ballads, titled “More than Just a Friends Spell”

Dolan Vek

Citizen of Farhaven, nobody of consequence

Henry Browncoat

???, drunkard?

Bonds, Goals, and Flaws


Halor sees tyranny and abuse of power as despicable and sticks up for those that cannot help themselves.


Known only to Halor


Halor keeps most of his acquaintances at arms-length, rarely revealing who he really is, or what he really desires.

Magical Items

Amulet of Health (attuned)

See Also

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