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The High Sixes are a group of transportation specialists, or in certain circles, smugglers. They sail the seas on their ship, The Spiced Ice Baby Copernicus, and seemingly get wrapped up in everyone else's problems. These are their adventures.


The High Sixes wasn't a planned endeavor. No sacred duties, royal decrees, or epic quest for untold riches. In fact, in the beginning it wasn't the High Sixes at all. It was just a ship, some crew and a captain. A dragonborn captain out making his own way in the world a keeping his crew in order through fair pay and a firm demeanor. And slowly, but surely, a party began to form. It started with two dwarves on the run. Then a gnome with a nose for spice and an elf with a limited life. Next came the halfling looking to bear witness to the adventures that may come. And finally a human just trying to stay out of the rain.

All of them had a past and none of them knew their future, but together they were going to shape the present whether they liked it or not.

The Crew

Captain of the The Spiced Ice Baby Copernicus and the definition of 'still waters run deep' is the dragonborn, barbarian Tronn.

The 1st Mate, treasure, and part-time bear is the dwarven, druid Arthlia.

Gunnar of the Copernicus is Jocko the Arcane, an elven fighter that acts as the mobile tower defense.

Cargo Officer is the title belonging to the spice expert, gnome and wizard, Stilgo Wizzlepiz.

Deck Rating Tristan is our tactical Wizard and token human.

Would be Boatswain, lore master and party starter are all ways you could describe Dorian, a halfling following bardic path.

Navigator, Pilot, and Communications Officer are the current jobs of Maldorhn Largo, the other half of the druidic and dwarven siblings.

The Adventure Thus Far

The High Sixes started their first official adventure on a Monday that was seemingly fairly routine. They had docked at the port of Green Mound to unload cargo, collect some coin for their wares and then spend an evening relaxing with the intentions to pick up more work. Everyone was relatively happy to get off the ship and stretch their legs and the crew was understandably ready for some shore leave. The only thing slightly out of the ordinary was a storm looming just over the horizon, though it seemed to be a few days off. Dorian had made a point to play some of his bardic melodies and really stir up a crowd and generally try to impress the locals. Stilgo and Jocko were determined to find some coin and spice through their own means while Tronn and the dwarves befriended the governor of the island, Hanse. Hanse was more than happy to welcome us into his inn, chat about the island and hopefully provide some work. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. However, that storm was moving almost supernaturally quick. Fearing for their ship, Tronn and Arthlia set about recalling the crew while Largo began plotting their escape course. They may not have made it out of the storm's path had Stilgo not made a deal with Brutus, a half-orc smuggler. Brutus helped set a safe path to a near by cove that would allow their ship to weather the storm. Unbeknownst to Brutus and the High Sixes, his fellow smugglers had been turned into fungal zombies and the safety of his cave had to be retaken. The Sixes knew just what to do and made quick work of the former thieves. Brutus seemed alarmed, but thankful he didn't walk in their alone. He allowed the party to bed down in his personal tavern for the night while they made a plan for the next day.

By a chance meeting, the Sixes picked up a seventh party member in the form of Tristan. Interested in their current work, he readily joined up, happy to have secured passage out of the cove once the storm broke. And as the Sixes found out, the storm wasn't just as storm, but a full blown hurricane. To attempt to sail out of that cove would see their ship battered and broken and all the crew drowned. It seemed they'd be there a while. Wanting to make the best use of their time, they attempted to find the source of the fungal infection, but quickly realized it would lead to their own downfall and fell back. Instead, they went to explore the other caves in the smugglers' cove. Unsurprisingly, they found orcs and their captives. The party, now seven strong, put them down like dogs and rescued the slaves. They learned from these elven slaves that there were more on the ship they came in. The crew formulated a plan. In an attempt to capture the slavers' ship, they ambushed the 1st mate and interrogated him. Unfortunately, the 1st mate was killed while attempting to escape. However, their attention was quickly turned when they were informed there were cultists deeper in the slavers' cave. Determined to get to the bottom of this, the party made their way further in.

The cave was wrought with dangerous monsters and clever traps, but the party continued on undaunted (maybe a little daunted). Unfortunately, Largo was magically summoned to Fey court and the party was left to finish their expedition temporarily without him. It turned out to be no problem as the party cleverly took on the remaining monsters and made their way to the cultists. They began battle to end this nonsense. Largo was returned in time to see them finish off the cultists and procure a large diamond that was definitely cursed. Largo informed his party of the bigger dangers and with their new found ability to communicate with the other adventures of the world, a plan was struck to end the cultists' plans to destroy everything.

Arthlia was chosen to be a part of the sneaking party made of various members from other ships. The rest of the Sixes prepared to join in ship to ship combat, but first they had to catch the slaver ship they had left unattended. The party truly found it's rhythm that day as they cut down orcs and captured their ship, quickly christened The Nameless and Pathetic. They braved the rough waters of the hurricane and made it a point to crush as many ships and slaver/cultists as possible. In the end, the High Sixes (and the entire planet) came out victorious and the day was saved.

Arthlia returned to the Sixes and informed them of her sacrifices and victory against the dark magics that were so intent on bringing forth our destruction. Understandably, they were ready to head back and retrieve their ship, The Spiced Ice Baby, and her crew. However, they were incredibly upset to find their ship and crew gone, along with Brutus and all his wares. Putting two and two together, they debated on their next course of action. Unfortunately, tracking a vessel across the ocean was too great a task and the Sixes still had elves to bring home. So they set sale for what would be their next adventure.

The weather was clear again and the crew jovial from their recent victories, though none more so than the elves for they were finally returning home. With the winds at their back and the ocean in a tolerable mood, the High Sixes arrived at the elven home lands with great efficiency.

To be continued.

Largo and The Fey Court

Though Largo is well aware of the fey, this was his first time being directly involved with them outside of what he heard on the winds. He was summoned, along with other representatives, to take part in a negotiation. The fey queen and her peers were worried about the impending destruction of the planet, but were tied down by rules and thoroughly unable to directly lend aid to the mortals in creation. So they held a court with mortals to determine how much aid they could give and in exchange for some sacrifice from the mortals. The negotiations went back and forth with almost everyone having something to say, but ultimately a bard of great skill gave an amazingly poetic speech to sway the fey. It is said that this speech was so great that not only did those present take pause to give applause, but the entirety of creation felt her words and showed appreciation purely on feeling. It was thanks to this that Fey were willing to send an ally back with each representative. The nature of this ally was greatly discussed and Largo mostly felt out of place, but ultimately they were granted a celestial duck that would be their ship on the condition that the mortals go and rescue the constellations from the heavens. Largo was finally ready to be useful.

The mortal representatives were sent to the heavens to do battle with beings beyond imagination. Things that would probably haunt Largo for all his days as they were so unnatural and offensive to everything he believed. It only proved to anger him and drive him on through battle. After some time involving space bears and healing spells, the mortals had come out on top and each rescued their celestial. Largo knew all the constellations in the sky by sight, but never bothered to learn their names. It was still a simple matter for him to name his duck celestial Copernicus. He returned to the High Sixes shortly after to share all he had seen.

Arthlia Saves Creation

To be filled in

Need to Know Info

We are on the look out for our former ship, The Spiced Ice Baby, and her crew of twenty. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, there is a bounty our for the orcish smuggler known as Brutus. The bounty is currently at two hundred and fifty gold pieces for his dead remains or five hundred gold pieces for his live delivery to the High Sixes.