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On the 1000 Islands, humans strive to match the immortal knowledge of the elves and the empires of the dwarves. Without the longevity to spend their generations building vast arboreal conglomerates to ride the currents like the elves and lacking the physical knowledge of stonework to bind their islands to the bedrock as do the dwarves, humans took a different approach to the world.

Humans have long worked to bring island spirits together and bind islands into larger and larger land masses. These spiritual bonds are the cornerstone of human imperialism. While dwarves meld their islands to the ocean floor, humans use magic and ritual to link their islands together. Other races, having seen the benefits of this close proximity for trade have agreed to bind their islands with the human island chains. Closeness brings ready trade and safety, and for thousands of years, humans have prospered along side the elves, dwarves, and other races willing to remain within the bound territory.

Human Exclusive

Across the isles, many diverse civilizations can be found, but most human settlements feature one commonality: The Stone Bonded. Human Civilizations are led by these Kings, Queens. and Emperors who are bound to the spirits dwelling within the 1000 Stones. This bond usually manifests as an object representing the bond: e.g., the Fivefold Crowns gifted to the rulers of the Sapphire Atolls, or the Anchor Towers of the Alizarin Imperium.

Some believe that long ago, all islands were one in a single unbroken landmass, but something broke the isles apart. However, whether this belief began before the tradition of combining the isles or was propagated as justification for the joining practice is still up for debate.

Human Traits The Nine Bloods flow strongly within Humans. While lacking the natural magic of some races, the Blood tends to express itself through both physical and mental traits that are, on average, greater than those of other races. Any individual human, however, can have any combination of traits.

Human Cultures There are many different Human societies scattered across the World Ship. The following examples of these groups, and the typical names of their members, can be used as inspiration no matter which Island your human is from.


The largest and most famous island conglomerate, the Alizarin Imperium, bonds their islands through massive Anchor Towers that dominate the land space. Each tower features huge chains made of metal and magic that split off in a myriad of directions, creating a web of connections that hold islands near enough for bridges or easy transport to be erected. Harbors are still used, but most transport can now occur over land and bridges to the neighboring settlements.

Alizarins trace their ancestry back to tribes from the volcanic trio of islands at the core of the Alizarin Imperium. They often have dusky brown skin, black hair, and gold or red-flecked eyes. The Imperium has added a number of islands and subsumed many tribes over the centuries, so almost any combination of traits can be found there.

Alizarin Names: Atrus, Bareil, Borseen, Dorara, Eilmar, Ilu-Mer, Khalil, Nabo, Paldeen, Zoma, Anochina, Asiah, Biblina, Damrina, Eilbrat, Shamura, Panna, Nardeen, Marbita, Muneera, Shamyran, Shirat, Wardiya


The Sapphire Atolls: A gathering of five small islands surrounded by reefs in a roughly star shaped cluster. Once a single Kingdom, the lands fell to war with the death of Queen Astrid the Valiant. Now, the duchies vie for control of the Fivefold Crown and rulership of the land.

Ethnic Sapphirenes often have dark black or vibrant red hair and pale skin. Freckles are common. Eye colors range from blue to hazel or green.

Sapphirene Names: Aeron, Amynedd, Gwilym, Maelor, Maredudd, Prydwen, Rhion, Sian, Steffan, Trefor, Anwen, Seren, Derwen, Eira, Enfys, Gwyneth, Maygan, Morgaine, Nerys, Tonwen


Drijan, the Golden Isle. A huge land mass dominated by lush palm forests, Drijan is a major trading hub near the Tiefling Horned Bank. Known for its hospitality, it boasts one of the largest gambling halls in the 1000 Islands. Beings from every race and description can be found here.

Many Drijanese are noted for their height and beauty. Skin tones range from golden brown to deep ebony, and most sport hair of deep brown to black hair in curls or long braids. Eye colors are typically brown to hazel.

Drijanese Names: Hamakona, Haru, Iaka, Ikei, Kiri, Paora, Uniki, Wa, Ani, Aperira, Ataahua, Eriki, Neina, Omaka, Paiti, Tahi-Popa, Taiomi, Uri Kino


The Zeteshi are voyagers: pioneer sailors who seek out and settle uninhabited islands. They inhabit a large swath of islands far from most other civilizations known as the Zeteshi Outlands. There, Zeteshi make villages of reed huts and rope walkways above the salt marshes. They prize explorers and sailors over all other professions, so many Zeteshi leave the islands to seek their fortunes in uncivilized lands. Hunters and traders flock to the Zeteshi Outlands for the variety of exotic goods and wildlife.

Zeteshi are generally tall, slim, and amber-skinned, with brown eyes. Their hair ranges from black to dark brown, and is often worn in a topknot.

Zeteshi Names: Bannarot, Chai'at, Channarong, Kasom, Maha, Parin, Pu, Thanut, Traitod, Yod, Boonmee, Khem, Phara, Monthani, Sunstra, Suwattanee, Tuk, Wasana