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Old and Magicky

Il'an_73, as he impresses upon others to spell his name, is an old mage sailor, speaker of wind tales, and coward at heart. What age has taught him, aside from magic, is that anything can break your bones.

Physical Description

White hair and leathery skin from years on the open sea. at 5' and 90lbs His appearance is that of a frail old man who has been worn down by the world.

Character Stats

He is not a very charismatic person and tends to be very forthright in his speech. Not wanting to, or knowing how, to beat around the bush. He is deceptively intelligent and observant having to survive all these years with no family or alliance to protect him. He may come across as a foolish old man but it's a camouflage to keep people looking to others as a greater threat.

Bonds, Goals, and Flaws

For years he made his living selling spells to villagers and nobles. Most of his magic didn't work out as intended. He never quite got the hang of the oaths.

Now in his "golden" years he has found himself surrounded by a group of adventurers that tend to make what in his estimation are dumb decisions placing them all in danger. Due to this newfound motivation he is starting to finally make sense of the oaths and using them to protect himself and his party.

He is always seeking self preservation as his primary goal but can swayed by his bond with his adventurers.

Magical Items

He found some magical items that he either sold or were destroyed along the way. He never placed much value in magical items as he was not very proficient with them. Now that he has witnessed powerful magic of dark intent he is coming around to the idea a magical item or two might be useful.

Ring of Protection - Purchased by Naeris for a very good price from Amril Sturm, the proprietor of the Divine Arcanum. Given to Ilan by Naeris for his heroic defeat of the Pelliton siege weapons.

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