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Also Known as: "The One Who Mends", "The Balance", "She who Shelters".

The Goddess of Change, Illion sends the Primal winds to Mortals, aiding and harming them in their journeys. She changes the course of storms, spreads life across the world, and creates bonds between all.

Domains: Light, Grave, Life, Nature, Tempest, Death.

Known Religions: Church of the Ascendant

Known Worshippers

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The One Who Mends, The Balance, She who Shelters. Goddess of Luck, Death, Wind, Soul, and Renewal. The Goddess who came from Humanity, Illion strives for a new kind balance upon the World Ship. Unbound by the hundred oaths, Illion uses the Primal winds for her own purposes and for those who worship her. Adapting from her predecessor's power she plays with storms for the benefit of the world, at times unable to control them. Domains: Light, Grave, Life, Nature, Tempest, Death.

Illion replaced the God Bolnheim when the group called the Church of the Ascendant successfully trapped and drained him of his power. Through a complex ritual of Umbral, Astral, and Primal Energy, along with the heart of a blessed celestial, and a Vessel to hold the power, the CoTA successfully created Illion.