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Johann Greytide, ready for battle. Created in HeroForge

Johann Greytide was a Half Elven Scout, Barbarian-in-training, delinquent member of the Blac Croc Ale Co. and rigger/barrelman for the troupe, “Flotsam And Jest Some”. Johann brought an acrobatic element to the crew of the Aries, dashing along rigging, hazardous terrain and rooftops to finish his jobs in style. Johann had an affinity for knives and rope, and always had some of each ready for action. He was laid low by the hand of an Alizarin Priest in the Battle for Xanthrus.

The Greytide Family

Born to Missionary parents for the Servants of the Unbroken, the three Greytide children grew up in a spiritually claustrophobic home. Traveling from island to island in the Zeteshi Outlands, The Greytide family brought the Word of the Unbroken to people far and wide. Their parents were harsh teachers, demanding the strictest adherence to religious principles, and enforcing self-flagellation for wrongdoings. This philosophy carried into their parenting tenfold.

Father, Barnabus Greytide

Barnabus Greytide, was the strictest between the two parents, not irregularly locking his children in dark holds for inadequate prayer. His cruelty was dispassionate, hard and cold. Barnabus was a heavy proponent of self-penalty, and would stand watch as his flock (including his children) would bloody themselves for the benefit of their Lords.

Mother, Marjoram Greytide

Their mother, Marjoram Greytide, was softer in her approach, but all the more effective in her emotional manipulation. Her kindnesses were just as sweet as her barbs were sharp. She often would whisper all the terrible things that would happen, should her children not follow the most obscure precepts. Despite this, the Greytides respected and loved her dearly because, unlike their father, she would never deny them a loving touch.

The Twins, Aleutia and Mariana

The older sisters, Aleutia and Mariana Greytide, were rambunctious but incredibly clever. Skilled in avoiding their parents wrath, but empathetic to Johann’s plight, they would often create distractions to provide Johann a cover to save his own hide. Unlike their parents, Aleutia and Mariana would often shirk their religious duties for games and adventure, always with the strictest stealth. Often, they would sneak adventure books and rope puzzles into Johann’s room when he was too afraid to join them. For his part, Johann eagerly imitated their mischief, and routinely found himself on the wrong end of a cat o’ ninetails. So often was he forced to atone for his sins that his elder sisters would regularly intervene in his punishments for fear of lasting injury.

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