Julia Delphria

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Character Overview

  • Name: Julia Delphria
  • Appearance: She appears young in age, maybe fifteen. She has dark brown hair with striking violet eyes and a dark curved horn coming from her forehead. She has bound the power of her once patron inside of herself. Interwoven chains now sink in and out of her arms harnessing the fallen demon's power.


Julia is the nineteenth servant of the demon known to her as Immortal Slaughter. She is naturally suspicious of others due to her upbringing and quick to use those she feels can benefit her.

She is alert and watchful often flying up high on her staff, a boy quickly caught her attention as she flew the streets of Fendril City. Audi Fuentes, a blessed child. Similar, yet different to her in power. Both share the blessing of being marked by their masters. Upon seeing this boy her masters voice appeared in her mind telling her to follow him.

See Also

Party by Storm

Alizaran Threat

Dearest Audi Fuentes,

I am glad you are well and have dealt with the problem your friends faced. I will gladly visit your island at some point in the future. It will be good to see where you have found yourself established.

Unfortunately, that will need to wait. For now, I am in need of your attention and possibly your friends as well. A shadow hangs upon the Continent of Alizara, many forces are at play that I am unsure of. However, one, in particular, has drawn my attention and I need help dealing with it. The balance of the Worldship may hang in the balance. I hasten you to arrive quickly, the battle for Rothnacum is still underway. I simply slipped away to rest and send this.

As for your concern about my well being, I appreciate it, but do not worry. The fools dabble in things far above their station. Telmric is a fool, a dangerous fool, but a still simply a fool. The Alizarin placed me in charge of the tower in Rothnacum and have helped me harness my abilities. I do no side with them, but I was not one to turn down a chance to seek something greater.

My master is no more. I see we both have had changes regarding this. I am glad to hear you are happy, I am also. I was aware of Breena at the meeting, I felt she was there for a reason, maybe on your orders? Either way, it is good that she witnessed this.

If you agree to help all you need do is think of me. You and those you touch will appear safe within Rothnacum. Breena is familiar with the city, she should be able to lead you through it quietly and safely.

I hope to see you all soon,

Julia Delphria

Alive Once More

I was screaming in pain. The chains were acting of their own volition, they tore at my very soul. Everything was empty. Nothing ruled over everything. I was alone, and then I wasn't. A voice spoke to me from the emptiness. Tormented whispers haunted my mind for what seemed like an eternity.

And then, A small beacon of light emerged from within the darkness. It was Audi. How was this possible. He awakened me, we talked for a time. He seemed worried about what had happened, happy I wasn't gone forever, I was glad to hear a different voice. Truthfully, I believed it to all be in my head, I had been alone in the dark for so, so long. Time flowed around us, we were both caught in this empty space, and then a door appeared. A doorway back that pulled on Audi, furry surged within me, I did not want to be alone again. I willed myself forward, breaking the connection on Audi and placing myself within the pull of energy. Suddenly, a light was all around me. I was on the deck of that cursed ship, Cygnus, Ander, and a different creature sat in a circle around me. They had summoned me back, unknowingly of course.

I felt a bond between myself and Cygnus, the boy must have bonded with him. That was a complication. Another pull came from this new creature. It felt similar to Cygnus, but something was wrong about the celestial energy. We will deal with this later.