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Kismet Spinsail is the young and somewhat reluctant halfling Captain of the Crux and member of the Spinsail Seven.

The West Wind had always murmured to Kismet throughout his life. Not so much a voice as it was a hand on his shoulder, guiding him to new experiences and knowledge on his family's trade ship Marigold as well as his life as a Wandering Sailor. At 15, with a great deal more insistence the West Wind pushed him in a confusing and radically different direction. Kismet gave up his life as a crewman on the trade ship Fidato and returned to the Marigold. Explaining his new destiny to his family was impossible but, it was necessary to try. He left his profits with his brother Calypso and bid his mother and siblings goodbye.

With reverence to the Old Faith, he began his training in the druidic arts in the mangrove forest on a remote island. In deep meditation and on vision quests, the knowledge was revealed to him. Five years after he began, he found himself with other acolyte druids at the Haunted Thicket his initial training was complete. After days of meditation, the West Wind began the more familiar push back to his life at sea.

Kismet returned to the Fidato, where Captain Ort allowed him to complete the final of his three traditional tasks to become a Capetian. At the ceremony in Portlander, on the deck of the Resound under Captain Snickersnit Kismet was granted the title Captain. It was there that he met other initiates Kipp, Dorian and even Edlana. To his great surprise, he was reunited with his Aunt Bloop who would eventually join the same group of adventurers as he on the island of Mandelle at the The Singing Sunbird.

Basic Info

  • Male, 21 year old Lightfoot Halfling
  • Circle of the Land (Sea) Druid
  • Background: Wind Speaker
  • Homeland: Trade ship Marigold, captained by Valentina Spinsail moored at Conigliera Economica three months out of the year.


  • Paestum “Patsy” Spinsail (Mother)
  • Antinous Pathos (Father, lost at sea, presumed deceased)
  • Nausicaa (Oldest Sister age 51)
  • Menelaus (Oldest Brother age 43)
  • Calypso (Middle Brother age 41)
  • Circe (Sister age 33)
  • Tiresias (Sister age 28)
  • Arete (Youngest Sister age 26, Level 2 Fighter, Sailor)
  • Kismet (self) (m 20).

Extended Family:

  • Valentina Spinsail (Great Grandmother) Captain and Master Trader of the Trade Shop Marigold
  • Betha Spinsail (Grandmother, magically deceased). Also known as Gaol Uaine, Green Love, and Tree Mate. Well-known plant mage who famously brought back the plant city of Lífvera after the Orc Fire, and who sung herself into a tree when her mate passed. Founder of The Green Light.
  • Denthai Spinsail (Grandfather, deceased) Also known as Denthai Fathomsdeep, Tree Mate, Mara Dhubh, Dark Sea, and Black Brow. Known Light Cleric of Lathander who traveled with his Gaol Uaine on The Laughing Sail to bring new life. Founder of The Green Light.
  • Bloop "Si" Spinsail (Aunt)

Hobbies: Making friends, meditation, Journaling