Kraken Knuckles

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Members of the Second Flotilla

The Past and Present Dangers

"The waves crashed against the Salty Seaward, tossing the crew in all directions. As the storm raged through the sky, Kraken Knuckles awoke, shipwrecked on an unknown island. Terrors abound, here lies their journey..."

Crew Members

Kraken Knuckles
Character Class Race Status
Pthalo Monk/Rogue Human
Il'an Wizard Human
Nariel Barbarian Dragonborn
Naeris Warlock/Fighter Human
Bodi'ka Samurai/Dragon Sorcerer Darkbane (Human)
Mitsuki Kai Arcane Archer Wood Elf
Freeport Bard Tiefling
Bolin Amberbrand Paladin "Dwarf"
Jetki Applebottom Monk Halfling Deceased
Halor Bard/Rogue Half-Elf Away Mission
Kai StormSinger Barbarian Goliath MIA

Continued Stories

Kraken Tales

Remix the Kraken, a Kraken Tales soundtrack

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