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Kraken Knuckles Ongoing Story

Here below lies the story as it unfolds: the tales of things that once were and what will be of Kraken Knuckles.

Crash Land

Log Date Week Bonus Level-Up Summary
Isle of the Lost April 2, 2018 - April 30, 2018 1-5 The Salty Seaward crashes on the beach of an island shrouded in mist. Kraken Knuckles encounters a strange family of travelers that take them to the nearby town. The party then investigates a castle, where they encounter a strange dream-state of a story, and a small fox. After securing a new boat, the party is waylaid by orc pirates. The group takes their craft and joins the other flotillas in an assault on the pirate stronghold.

What Was Once Gone, Is Now Yet Found

Fomorian Roots

Log Date Week Bonus Level-Up Summary
Iskander and the New that was Old May 7, 2018 6 Kraken Knuckles meets the personalities of Iskander, including Astrid, her grandmother High Jarl Friga, and Jarl Frodi. Pthalo disappears into the Feywild, but returns with a strange duck egg.
Jarlsmoot May 14, 2018 7 The Salty Circumnavigators, Clerical Error, and Kraken Knuckles are present on Iskander for the festivities as High Jarl Friga announces she is stepping down, and challengers for the throne must compete in challenges to be deemed worthy. Jarl Ingvald, Jarl Habiek, Jarl Aethelwulf, and Bodi'ka throw their names into the competition.
The Druids of Knotted Hill May 21, 2018 8 +1 After encountering a dryad without a tree in an abandoned meadery, Kraken Knuckles sets out to find a clan of druids to find answers.
Into the Shadows May 28, 2018 9 Kraken Knuckles returns to the druids and begins a ritual that takes them into the Shadowfell.
Sorrowsworn June 4, 2018 10 Kraken Knuckles faces a huge shadowy creature, and learn that they may not be in the Shadowfell after all. Il'an dies, but is brought back by the little fox. Once back in the Material Plane, the group revisits the dryad, then recuperates in Farhaven.

Snakes and Ladders

Log Date Week Bonus Level-Up Summary
Sail's Pitch June 11, 2018 11 Kraken Knuckles invests in the meadery's repairs, then sets sail for for the Isle of Grand March.
Shopping with Kraken Knuckles, the LP June 18, 2018 12 Chaos ensues in the town of Ravengro when Naeris tries to go shopping.
Unsplitting the Party June 25, 2018 13 Facing difficult challenges on opposite ends of Ravengro, Kraken Knuckles reunites and joins a druid to find the source of the town's troubles.
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls July 2, 2018 14 Pthalo and Jetki discuss an amber sphere. Kraken Knuckles enters the temple of an old serpent god, and sides with the wayangs there against their goblin enemies.
Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, & Heart July 9, 2018 15 Kraken Knuckles descends into the temple's depths and encounters a series of puzzles.
More Fireballs than a Mountain of Fire Giants July 16, 2018 16 +1 Kraken Knuckles find the lair of Xanthir Vang.
There is no coming to consciousness without pain July 23, 2018 17 Kraken Knuckles finds a strange cottage in the woods, and finds themselves in a dream-state before adding another little fox to their coterie.

The Chain

Log Date Week Bonus Level-Up Summary
Return to Helia July 30, 2018 18 Kraken Knuckles bypasses Ravengro for a quick stop in Tamrivena, before setting sail for the island of Helia.
Sonata; from Latin and Italian: sonare, "to sound" August 6, 2018 19 Kraken Knuckles rallies the villagers of Gravesford. Freeport gets a dream-mail with a virus-song attached.
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants August 13, 2018 20 Kraken Knuckles battle a tribe of orcs that have settled in an old keep. After some aggressive diplomacy by the orcs, the party gains a stronghold with a magic gate between the meadery and the duck-boat. Halor departs.
WAR. What is it good for? August 20 and August 27, 2018 21-22 Kraken Knuckles prepares for battle. Sir Pelliton attempts to lay siege to the keep.
You've Got a Friend in Me September 3 and September 10, 2018 23-24 +1 Kraken Knuckles attempts to gather their allies and prepare to attack the Alizarin forces at Wintergarde.
Clever Girl September 17, 2018 25 Kraken Knuckles sneaks into Wintergarde to face Lord Regent Manius.
The Descent September 24, 2018 26 Bolin and Mitsuki join the party. Kraken Knuckles descends below the capital to investigate some history.

Those That Came Before

Autumn's End

Log Date Week Bonus Level-Up Summary
Made Wild October 1, 2018 and October 8, 2018 27-28 After some research, shopping, and pitfalls, a meeting is called on Iskander as declarations of war are made with the Fomore. Kraken Knuckles seeks a relic with the monks of the Open Hand.
Pretenders October 15, 2018 29 Kraken Knuckles attempts to hoodwink the Open Hand flotilla.
Death Becomes Her October 22, 2018 30 The Apocalypse Vault is opened, and the Relic of Tor released. Pthalo gets a sick burn.
The Worst is Just Around the Bend October 29, 2018 31 A mysterious piper sends Kraken Knuckles into the void.
Rabid November 5, 2018 32 +1 The party learns that what we are frightened of today is exactly the same thing we were frightened of yesterday.
Hush November 12, 2018 33 Kraken Knuckles escapes the Apocalypse Vault.
Come fa la volpe November 19, 2018 34 Kraken Knuckles resurrects the Patron of Foxes, and makes their way to the Ice Devil Mountains in search of a legendary sword.
Sword of Damocles November 26, 2018 35 The fossegrim delivers a message: choose your side. The party descends into the caves, and Pthalo opens his mind.
Dangerous Charisma December 3, 2018 36 The Sword of Legend is uncovered.
Swords December 10, 2018 37 War is waged on Iskander between the surface-dwellers and those who retreated underground. Kraken Knuckles, the Salty Circumnavigators, and Clerical Error choose sides. The Dovrgruvin, the King of the Fomorians, is captured by Jarl Habiek, while Jarl Magni flees the field of battle.

Winter's Woes

Log Date Week Bonus Level-Up Summary
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy December 17, 2018 38 The war concludes and Kraken Knuckles, the Salty Circumnavigators, and Clerical Error find visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.
Pale Morning January 7, 2019 39 Kraken Knuckles goes underground for the winter.
Library Magic January 14, 2019 40 +1  ???
Act of God January 21, 2019 41  ???

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