Locke, Commander of the Defenders of Dusk

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Locke is the Commander of the Defenders of Dusk, a small rebel group in the city of Fendril. Fendril is a Merchant Princedom in the Alizarin Imperium. Their goal is to overthrow the nobility that plagues their city and help those who are left with nothing.

Locke is a Black Dragonborn, he wears dark leather armor with a side sword and two daggers. He seems genuine in his beliefs, which can be refreshing if not overly optimistic.

Fall of A Rebellion

After the riots in Fendril City, the Defenders of Dusk were left without any moves to make. They decided to wait and see what came of the riots, Locke sent Party By Storm into the service of a minor noble. Lord Teldorian, a minor nobleman of Fendril, instructed PBS to set fire to his rivals warehouses. During the mission, something went wrong and the whole of the warehouse district caught ablaze. Soon after, PBS returned to the Defenders of Dusk's hideout. Hours passed as they waited to hear what had happened, nothing came. Locke's second in command Keye had yet to return. Something... was wrong. A guard fell through the main door filled with arrows. Locke took PBS and his men through an escape route. This was for not, however, as more Alizarin Soldiers stood before them. Stepping out into the clearing the Imperium soldiers threw the head of Keye at Lockes feet and told Locke and his men to surrender.

The rebellion had fallen... so quickly.

Everything from this night felt... out of place. Everything had gone wrong. The information they had, had been wrong. The quick movements were unfamiliar to how the Emperium worked... How had they known?