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Vigilante D&D


Vigilante has partnered with a team of outstanding Dungeon Masters to create The Great Ship, a massive, ongoing Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign. Each week, our Story Coordinator and Dungeon Masters write new content and coordinate one epic story across 12 tables and over 80 players. Each player impacts the overall play experience, and each group determines the success and failure of the campaign.

Each Season is 12 months long, featuring a series of story arcs for players to participate in.

How to Join

Want to join or learn D&D? Each week, Vigilante sets aside a table to teach new players the World’s Greatest Roleplaying game. Players are welcome to enjoy the New Player table for up to 2 weeks. Our main campaign tables are currently full, but check out our New Player Sign Up page to get on the wait list. We will contact you as space becomes available.

Cost & Organization

Play costs Vigilante’s standard $5 Game Night Fee (loyalty programs apply)

Nightly Schedule

6:00 PM Seating is Open
6:30 PM New player arrival time
7:00 PM Gameplay begins
10:00 PM Gameplay ends
10:10 PM Post-play meetings (DMs, Flotilla or otherwise)
11:00 PM Vigilante closes


Official communication between the Campaign Authors and players takes place on the Vigilante Dungeons and Dragons Facebook Page.

Players are welcome to conspire, plot and/or discuss via the Royal Adventurer's Facebook Page. A variety of other fan pages for specific groups of players may also be found there. Official requests and story interactions must be done by messaging the Campaign Authors via the Vigilante Dungeons & Dragons page. All requests will be reviewed, and while we often operate under the Rule of Cool, we cannot guaranty everyone's desires.

Crew, Flotilla and Fleet

Every player is a member of a unified Fleet. The Fleet shares in its objectives, and works together to save The World Ship.

Each night, players are seated with their same weekly party and Dungeon Master. This core gameplay group is a Crew. Each crew is lead by a Captain.

Based on your DM’s preferences, your Crew may be a member of a Flotilla, which features a collection of tables working together. Flotillas coordinate their efforts through Flotilla Meetings, in which member Crews send their Captains to represent them.

Flotillas may also elect and send an Admiral to meet with other Flotillas. The Fleet’s ability to succeed will hinge on knowing when to call a meeting of the Admirals.

Occasionally, due to something special about your character, you’ll be pulled away from your table to participate in a Special Session. Maybe a unique task force is required to counter a specific threat, or a meeting of Nobles is being called to negotiate a political quandary, or a cabal of Wizards is needed to design a powerful new ritual. These Special Sessions will allow you to spread crucial information to your Crews about the world outside your table.


We are unifying the leveling across all parties. The entire campaign will level up every week until we hit level 5, at which point you’ll level every month (eg. in June we will be 6th level, 12th level in December, and so on). For every 8 sessions you play, you will be rewarded with a bonus level. If you attend most sessions, you’ll be level 20 before the final battle next year! This will give players more power to help each other and work together across tables.

For more information, see our Season 2 Leveling Guide

Season 2: The World Ship

Ongoing Story

Each week, we log our player's progress. Read their story here.

The World Ship Core Lore

Overview of our homebrewed campaign world.

Season 2 Player's Guide

Complete collection of Races, Classes, Backgrounds and campaign feats.

Glossary of Terms

Collection of commonly used campaign terms.

Mediawiki Guides

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.