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Character Information

Tempest Cleric


Wind Speaker Background

Discription: Well-built and well-tanned. Wild eyes, and blonde hair, though about 1/3 of it has been dyed in red. A few earings on his left ear, and small scars cover his body.


Reserved personality, but eyes constantly observing the world around him. Strives to do the right thing, but can be a bit headstrong. Understands that law and order are noble things to be upheld, but constantly feels the call of the chaotic and wild in his heart.


Orphaned at sea at a young age, he was picked up by a band of pirates and raised by them. One day while sailing, their vessel was viciously attacked by the Alazarin Imperium. Matthias was the only survivor, and made his way back to land on some wreckage. Clerics of the Sapphire Atolls took him in, and helped him find clues about who his family might be. He's set out to find more about who he is (or was supposed to be), to whatever ends necessary.