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Character Overview

  • Name: Medrash
  • Appearance: Medrash is a Silver Dragonborn Barbarian. Covered in shiny scales, that have blue-tinged edges. He has numerous miscolored scars, that appear to be an inky dark blue. A ridge of short spines run down his back and his hands are tipped in claws.

Adventure into the Dark Depths

He sat alone at a small campfire at the base of the ruins of the Oculus of Time. He had been there for several weeks when from above a blast of clear sunlight illuminated eight figures slowly descending towards him.

In his possession was a green Ion Stone of unknown power. He felt the essence of wind from it but could not tap into it.

His explorations into finding forgotten sources of titan power had led him to this place. It was covered in shadow, touching the very surface of the Umbral wind. He knew this place from stories, an old lost city of immortal wizards. Or it was, the magic that granted immortality eventually collapsed and it cast this temple into darkness, sinking into the sea towards the Umbral wind.

After the discovery and release of Etu-Nathalas, Fallen God of Time, Medrash has set out once again on his own to discover any remaining Primordial disruptions around the world.

He is now an ally to Party by Storm - Ship:Cygnus and may show up to help in their adventures.