Milo Quickstep

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Character Overview

  • Name: Milo Quickstep
  • Race: Halfling
  • Class: Ranger (Gloomstalker)
  • Appearance: 3 feet 1 inch tall, 40 lbs. 23 years old.
  • Crew: Crew of the Corvus
  • Flotilla:


  • Background: Milo and his twin sister Merla grew up the happy, traditional halfling life. Until one day when they went out and got separated from their parents and siblings (they have a big family). Merla and Milo found themselves ambushed by some orcs. They took them to a camp, and fed them up (planning to eat them). Milo and Merla thought their family would save them, but nobody came. While they were waiting, one of the orcs got hungry and decided to have an early snack. He ate a couple of Milo's toes. As they were being brought to the pot, Milo and Merla managed to break from their captors and started running. Rolling a very lucky natural 20, Milo managed to knockout one of the orcs that was running after them with a rock to the face. Through some more halfling luck (and their small size), they hid in the forest and escaped notice. Unfortunately they were lost at this point, and it took quite a while to find their way home. Their time in the forest together though gave Merla and Milo a new respect for the wider world, and inspired their Ranger identities. After returning, Milo never trusted his family as much as he once had. Not that they were bad, just that they couldn't be relied on (except Merla). He went out into the wilderness more on his own, and continued to practice his archery. It's something he takes great pride in. He also became much more comfortable hiding and being a cautious hunter. He used these skills to save people who found themselves in situations similar to what he had gone through. Eventually he learned about and joined The Shadow, to continue these efforts.
  • Homeland:
  • Parents:
  • Siblings: Merla Quickstep
  • Grandparents:
  • Faith:

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