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Name : Monty Doublelock

Class : Swashbuckler

Race : Ocean Gnomes

Background : Operative of the Shadow RANK 2

Occupation : Hord Person

Age : 260

Birthplace :

Relatives : Brother Rusty Doublelock

Played By : Keith Foley


Acrobatic, Deception, Perception, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, Stealth,

Tools : Thieves' Tools, Forgery kit, Tinker's Tools

Languages: Common, Gnomish

Feats: Black Powder Mastery

Weapons: Rapier, Light Crossbow, Black powder rod, Dagger

Early Life

Monty Doublelock was raised by his brother Rusty Doublelock a ranger Gnome after their parents were killed by their crazy Uncle Bubbles. Monty has always been nimble and quick of wit so decided to use those talents to help me make his way in the world. Growing up in a sub at the bottom of the sea it’s hard not to get bored. His brother was always gone doing ranger stuff. Monty always heard people craving for fine food or drink even some not so illegal things as well. He figured people would pay good gold for this stuff, so he started to smuggle this contraband on to the ship. Whenever they made port he would go ashore and pick up whatever he knew people were craving for and sell them at a high price and he got good at it.

Monty's best friend and partner in crime Quipt help run the black market on a Manta Ray sub they lived in. Monty's other friend is his pet Cuttlefish he saved from an elf trying to eat her. He keeps her in a pocket-size glass orb.

By the time he was young man, he was making all kind of gold selling drugs and other contraband. He became a silver tongue salesman. One day he was caught smuggling over 80 tons of Dwarven Ale from the Black Croc Ale Company and did hard time for 100 years in a Dwarven Prison hitting rocks. Now that he’s out, he’s on the up and up or that what he has told every one.


Monty also has a lot of weird superstitions, all that he 100% believes in.

• It’s good luck to spit in the ocean before he sails.

• When walking through a graveyard, be sure to wear silver, or a ghost might jump into your body.

• If a female elf looks you in the eyes, she’s trying to read your thoughts.

• When boarding a ship, he never puts his left foot down first, as it is said to welcome disaster.

• Always give a raven something shiny or have bad luck all day.

• Sleep facing North, to keep devil l for getting him at night.

• When you have alcohol, it must be drunk until it is gone.

• If your nose itches, you'll be drinking soon.

• touching frogs or/a toads may give one warts.