Mr. T's Log Book

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6/11/18 - Destruction of the Elemental Tower


  • Merla (Cat), Level 7 Ranger
  • Mrs. T (Laura), Level 7 Druid
  • Mr. T (Dave), Level 7 Wizard
  • Brom (Ben), Level 7 Barbarian
  • Falric (Ryan), Level 7 Warlock


Obraheim is planning to cut the chain to the island, which will sink it, and use the whiplash from the chain to get to the main island with the wizard.

Inside the dwarven citadel we find a spiral staircase down. My companions believe there are dwarves down there that need saving, but I am not sure why.

Down the stairs we find a group of group of dwarves, who we convince that they need to leave the island with us. We needed to heal and feed them since they were close to death, and they gave us their possessions in return.

This includes...

We put the dwarves on the duck boat and proceed to follow Obraheim. He ties us to the chain and severs it, launching the chain towards the main island, including us.

Through some incredible feats, we land inside the tower by being thrown through a giant window. Immediately we are attacked by five large constructs. Who we kill. Per yoosh

We get to the center of the tower and find a giant column full of air and fire elementals. It looks like it will be extremely hard to get past, but Falric has an unusual burst of insight and determines a way to bring down the tower by shooting the lattice network with Obraheim's giant gunt.

The group of us runs out first to get a head start and the hallway is blocked by two more elementals. Merla jumps in a bag of holding so the majority of us can Misty Step past the elementals. Brom does not like to be a passenger, so he runs past taking some moderate damage, but he survived.

We exit the tower and get on the duck, and a bunch of crazy stuff happens. In the mix, Obraheim calls his friends to pick him up, completely obliterates the remainder of the tower including the wizard, and leaves. We are left with a destroyed duck and are left on a floating disk, which we are able to use to get to one of the remaining islands: the forest island.

Merla determines that there are seven humanoids on the forest island. Eventually, the humanoids come out and are revealed to be elves. The wizard had destroyed and sunk their home island and stolen this small piece of it. The seven elves are all that remains of their homeland. The dwarves come out and meet them and they commiserate over the similar fates of their people. They are on the verge of starvation so we feed and heal them. With nothing left for them here, we offer to take them back to the elf island we had been to before.

The duck repairs itself after 24 hours, but the portions that were destroyed are now made of a different material and has a very slight glow to it.

The elves give us:

  • 5x 600 feet of elvish rope

6/4/18 - Enter Obraheim


  • Merla (Cat), Level 7 Ranger
  • Mrs. T (Laura), Level 6 Druid
  • Mr. T (Dave), Level 6 Wizard
  • Kalen (Joe), Level 6 Monk
  • Caramip (Steph), Level 6 Wizard/Cleric
  • Brom (Ben), Level 7 Barbarian
  • Falric (Ryan), Level 6 Warlock


When we had left off, we had planned to ask Jeffriez or the merfolk to speak to the Sahuagin. (To be continued....)

We ask Jeffriez to speak to the leader of the Merfolk, who relayed that by killing the Orc King of the Sahuagin, it has created peace between their two groups. The Merfolk are very happy with us.

Jefferies talks to the Sahuagin who say that they do not know about the block of ice with the trapped creature. They send their scholars and magic people to investigate. They determine that one of the creatures is dead and which is still alive, but they do not know which is which.

We are not able to determine what is in the ice, either using our own abilities or by speaking to the Merfolk or Sahuagin.

We shatter the crystal and find a humanoid creature heavily armed and armored. Above him is an invisible floating rune that is dripping blood.

We speak to him and he believes that he is not from this plane, he was brought here. His name is Obraheim. He uses a magical sun dial to determine that an assassination target of his is on this plane, a wizard about two days travel away.

He pulls out a holy symbol communicator which he says will tell people to come pick him up on this plane. We determine that it is a magical item equivalent to a +5 item.

He explains that the floating rune is a curse that says he will be tortured in hell after he dies.

He asks us to take him to the wizard on another island. He will pay us to transport him and allow us to collect some of the items from his assassination target.

The wizard lives at a group of islands where each island is inhabited by a different type of elemental. One island is an ice island, another is a fire island, etc. There are nine islands of differnet types. Exciting stuff

We believe it is a wizard that is trying to combine the magical properties of nine different islands. The islands are held together with magical links that also link their properties. This is put together by just the wizard. On one of the islands is a tower that the wizard lives on.

Obraheim asks us to bring the wizard out somehow so he can get a shot at him, so we enter one of the islands which has dwarven ruins. There is a long set of stairs that we walk up, on either side is a cliff. We encountered earth elementals on the stairs.... which try to kill us. But Obraheim saves us using a ridiculously powerful gun.

At the top of the stairs we find an ancient dwarven Citadel. In the citadel we use Leomund's Tiny Hut to take a long rest. We will pick up here next time

5/28/18 - Sahuagin Extermination


  • Merla (Cat), Level 5 Ranger
  • Mrs. T (Laura), Level 5 Druid
  • Mr. T (Dave), Level 5 Wizard
  • Kalen (Joe), Level 5 Monk
  • Caramip (Steph), Level 5 Wizard/Cleric
  • Brom (Ben), Level 5 Barbarian


Last week, we had found an archipelago which is a known trading post hosted by Merfolk. The Merfolk of these islands are being held by an island full of Sahuagin. We had tasked with exterminating the Sahuagin and this week we arrived at their island.

We arrive at the island/atoll, wading onto the beach as a group. We spot one of the Sahuagin just inside the tree line and greet it with a fireball, which immediately lights the forest on fire (which is considered a benefit). A group of 6 Sahuagin is exposed by the flames and combat begins.

The initial wave of Sahuagin are quickly dispatched, but we are flanked by a group coming up unseen from the water. They are able to get in a few good hits before the inevitable fireball ended their day.

On their bodies, we find:

  • 100 GP
  • 9 spears

Yeah, they were practically naked. Gross.

After the area is cleared, we find a trail which leads to a cave, which smells grimey. We sense that there are about a dozen disgusting humanoids inside of the cave.

The cave is a narrow entrance that splits into two rooms. We choose to fireball the room on the left, which destroys some sort of structure inside, but hurts no one. We see some pools of water as the room is lit, so to keep the creatures down, we cast a major illusion of flames inside of the room.

From the room on the right, a group of Sahuagin come charging out. We exit the tunnel to allow them to funnel to us. We dispatch them as they they attempt to come out. A group of Sahuagin appear from the side of the mountain from a group of vines and rain down spears on top of us. We return with a fireball

Where the group came out of the mountain, we find a chunk of ice the size of a medium-sized humanoid. At the same time, another group of comes attacking.

Among the group is an especially large Sahuagin, who is their king. When we kill it, the king turns into an Orc with a red hand marking on his face, and everyone surrenders. He drops an evil trident, which we put in a bag of holding

On their bodies, we find:

At the back of the room is a glacier, which has a giant sea creature trapped inside. The glacier is being maintained by some elementals.

Mrs. T identifies the creature as a giant fish, frozen in time. It is in the process of swallowing a fish, and there is an explosion that has been stopped in time.

After some debate for what to do, we plan to ask Jeffriez or the merfolk to speak to the Sahuagin. (To be continued....)

5/21/18 - Merfolk Archipelago


  • Merla (Cat), Level 5 Ranger
  • Mrs. T (Laura), Level 5 Druid
  • Mr. T (Dave), Level 5 Wizard
  • Falric (Ryan), Level 5 Warlock


We came to an archipelago and Merla recognized it as a respectable trading outpost. It had a few islands in a semi-circle with a lagoon in the middle. They are volcanic in nature. Between the two largest islands in the middle there is a jetty that leads to a small village. The village is comprised of small buildings made out of recycled material, such as broken boats.

We walk up to the village and realize that it is inhabited by merfolk via the tracks that they left. We find the largest building, an overturned warship with the name Laquama, which is also the name of the islands.

Inside we find some very short tables and a small pool. Upon calling out "Hello!", five merfolk walk out of the water and put wares on the table. Upon finding out that one of us is with the black croc ale company, they give us some beer as well.

The wares include some magical items which we cannot afford. We chat for a while, and find the island, although appearing perfect, has something slightly uneasy about it, which we cannot name.

A few of us go to a fortune teller. Mrs T asks who the orcs are that sunk her family's island and found out that it is a clan marked by a red hand on their faces. We will be communicating to other boats in our flotilla about the red hand orcs, so we can find them and take righteous vengeance.

While the others are at the fortune teller, Mr. T investigates the beach and scouts one of the far islands in the archipelago with his Seagull (to the west). The Seagull finds that the far islands have a dangerous presence, but nondescript. On the beach, Mr T finds bones with teeth marks. On his return he finds a decomposed body with similar teeth marks.

We confront the mayor and find out that sahuagin (evil fish dudes) have surrounded the island and keep the merfolk captive there. We convince them to let us fight the sahuagin. They live on the western island.

We cross between islands to approach the western island and get intercepted by 6 sharks, who are quickly dispatched. At the end of the session, we approach a ridge that is held by sahuagin, including some magic users

5/14/18 - First Encounter with a Primordial Island


  • Merla (Cat), Level 5 Ranger
  • Mrs. T (Laura), Level 5 Druid
  • Mr. T (Dave), Level 5 Wizard
  • Kalen (Joe), Level 5 Monk
  • Caramip (Steph), Level 5 Wizard/Cleric
  • Falric (Ryan), Level 5 Warlock


A small (~1 sq mile) island is approaching the elven island. When one approaches the island, it becomes blurry, you cannot see onto it. Scrying it is unsuccessful. The elves believe that the island will bring poison, death, and destruction to their island, so they will reward us for either sinking or redirecting the island.

The water around the is cold and full of ice and slush. We find a goblin-sized creature frozen in an ice cube floating in the water.

We bring the creature on board and it thaws. It turns out to be Geeeeeeeeeroy Liiinkiiiiins. He survived his rocket ride by encasing himself in the ice cube before impact with the water, but the water was too cold to defrost him.

As he was flying through the air, he saw a castle in the middle of the island. We get to the island and it is encrusted with ice. It is entirely rough terrain.

We encounter some ruins. We recognize them as from a legend of a civilization in the land before time, before the gods, before the continent before broke into island. It is a primordial island. Mr. Linkins confirms.

In the ruins we find some writing carved into stone. Casting comprehend languages as a ritual explodes. After some experimentation, we determine that is a wild magic zone where spells are erratic and rituals are nearly impossible. We got rubbings of all the writing.

We enter the castle... and find a throne which is magical. We put a duck on the throne and it turns into a creature which starts attacking us with raw primordial energy. Wasana has the distinction of being the first to be attacked (and damaged) by such an attack in tens of thousands of years.

We killed it. And the second one creature that we summoned for fun.

We found a magical circle with 6 undead summoning a brain-like creature that predates the beholders. Mr. T shoots a fireball, which the wild magic zone doubles in damage to them and kills them.

Three fire elementals appear and attack. We kill them with a tidal wave.

The castle collapses and the island sinks. We escape in the process and return to elf island. The elves greet us as heros.

Unfortunately, Chadwick the crab died in the fighting. We ate him as our form of mourning.