Occulus of Time

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Legends speak of an ancient city whose origins are lost to the ages, where a cabal of wizards imprisoned the god Etu-Nathalas, Fallen God of Time and gained his power to manipulate the flow of time. They made their citizens immortal. When Etu died, the Wizards fell and could no longer hold back the ravages of time, the citizens aged centuries in moments. The island sank into the ocean, falling into the Umbral wind. Instead of dying, the wretches lingered on in their dark realm forgotten to time.


Medrash felt power beneath him. Had he finally found a portal into the primordial realm? He dove into the water, swimming to the very bottom of the ocean. Before him lay a citadel covered in a shield of dark energy. He pushed into it and met no resistance. He spent the following weeks exploring the vast temple, every time he entered the inside changed, rooms were never where they were before. One evening a light shown from above as he cooked his morning meal, a small group of people fell towards him. They introduced themselves as Party by Storm - Ship:Cygnus.