Operative of the Shadow

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The Shadow is a network of spies and renegades who advocate personal freedom and oppose the abuse of power in all forms. Formed from an ancient order of assassins, The Shadow has survived for thousands of years by remaining out of common knowledge. Their exploits are discussed only in rumor, couched in superstition. They work in secret sometimes with state cooperation, most times without. Small cells of operatives act under the guidance of regional Shadow Masters who report directly to The Shadow Lord, an elected senior member of The Shadow. Many operatives within The Shadow ally themselves with the Black Croc Inn Company or local thieves’ guilds for a convenient cover or a meeting place for people seeking their help. Though not required, many in The Shadow worship the Raven Queen, finding solace in her embrace. Ceremonies of the order invoke her power as a guardian over the transition of the soul from life to death.


Gather information from across all lands, understand the political dynamics of each island, and protect the common people in secret. Strike openly only as a last resort. Subvert tyrants, governments, or groups that grow too powerful or corrupt. Aid the weak, the poor, and the downtrodden.


Skill Proficiencies Granted

  • Stealth
  • Choose one: Deception or Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies Granted

  • Thieves’ tools
  • Forgery kit


  • Crowbar
  • Grappling hook
  • Dark common clothes including a hood
  • Pouch containing 15 gp.

Background Feature

Secret Signs

As an Operative of The Shadow you have access to a secret network of supporters who can provide assistance on your adventures. You know a set of secret signs and passwords that help you identify these agents who can provide you with a hidden safe house, free room and board, or assistance finding information.