Owlbert of the Kenku

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Character Overview

  • Name: Owlbert
  • Appearance: Owl


Born into a clan of Kenku, Owlbert's family intended for him to be a to be a thief and an enforcer for the family's guild on the island of Jerzee.
Rather than the black feathers, his parents were expecting when he hatched from the egg, a pale, moon-shaped face appeared in the first crack. Owlbert was not one of the raven folk but was instead a young barn owl chick. As most of their race tend to be, Owlbert's clan was not particularly inventive nor did they deal well with surprises. Rather than worry about it they shrugged and decided to raise Owlbert the way they had been planning and treated him no differently than the rest of their chicks.
Owlbert grew up learning thieves skills and how to shoot a bow. He spent the first 20 years of his life performing small acts of thievery, intimidation(as intimidating as a 3 1/2 ft tall owl person can be), and other petty crimes. In the back of his mind he always wondered why he looked so different than the rest of his clan, but every time he would mention it his family just shrugged and said they didn't know, nor did it really matter and he should get back to the important job of earning money for the clan. As this made very good sense, Owlbert put off on thinking too hard about it for a long time.

One day while doing inventory on a stash of books his clan had stolen from the library of the island's mayor, Owlbert came across a short description of several different races of bird folk, Kenku being only one variety. He quickly realized that this was the thing he had been waiting for all along. Something that definitively showed that he was different from his clan. Maybe the mayor would know more about this.
Owlbert began to follow the mayor of Jerzee everywhere he went for the next couple of weeks, trying to find the best way to get the man alone in order to get any information he had out of him. Owlbert wasn't picky as to how. The more Owlbert followed the mayor, the more he began to realize that the mayor had his own secrets. The mayor met with hooded figures more often than was normal for a man of his standing and, not too subtly, snuck around the island with a guilty look on his face. As the mayor had been recently wearing finer and finer clothing, with finer and finer jewelry, Owlbert began to suspect the mayor was into something illicit. As his clan had no dealings with the mayor it had to be an outside group.
Following the mayor as usual Owlbert was led to a hidden cove where the mayor got on a small boat and headed out to sea. Having no other option, Owlbert decided to wait for the mayor to return. Waiting until nightfall, Owlbert spotted the mayor's boat returning. As the mayor proceeded to walk back into the surrounding woods, one of the blankets in the boat shimmered and turned into a gnomish woman who began to follow the mayor. Owlbert, curious, followed the two of them back to the town where the mayor entered the local inn and the gnome hid in the alley staring in the window. When the two left the inn and headed back into the forest, Owlbert once again followed. He began to hear voices ahead of him and the thud of a crossbow being fired. The mayor and the gnomish woman came into view just in time for Owlbert to see a raven fly into the face of the mayor and the woman sink two long needles into the mayor's throat.
Stunned that his lead was dead, Owlbert did nothing as the gnomish woman sank to the ground with a crossbow bolt in her and passed out. Three Ravens dropped from the sky and landed around the mayor's corpse and began to shimmer. Owlbert's mind went blank and his vision faded as the Ravens began to change shape.
He woke he didn't know how long later and promptly fell out of the tree he was in and landed on the gnomish woman. “Oof. Sorry!” Said Owlbert. He blinked owlishly at her, “Have you seen my Mother?”

In Search of Family

You had not seen Owlbert for a full day. Late that evening as you’re all sitting around the remains of your dinner, Owlbert stumbles in through the door looking simultaneously stunned and excited.

“I got a lead on them! I finally have a solid lead on them!” He looks around expectantly at the rest of you. After a few seconds of staring blankly at him, he yells, “My parents!”

“Unfortunately, if I want to follow up on what I’ve found I have to leave the island immediately… You all won’t hold it against me, right? If it turns out to be nothing I’ll come find you again, but you have to understand that I NEED to check this out.”

He pauses indecisively for a moment and then tugs off the rings he has on either hand, handing one to Vrondiss and one to Breena. “I’ll want these back eventually, but I imagine y’all will have more use for them than I will in the near future.” He handed them two rings.

He goes to gather the rest of his things, then says goodbye to each of you in turn before hurrying back out the door into the night.