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The Salty Circumnavigators

Physical Description

Parin is of slightly below average weight, for a human and slightly above average height, for an elf. He has a mustache that is slightly curled at the edges and he usually has a small cigar or a pipe in his mouth. Slightly tanned skin and more winkles in his face than what would seem reasonable for a person as young as he is due to heavy smoking, paranoia and sun exposure, and usually accompanied by a short-eared owl named Rascal.

Character Stats

STR 8 DEX 18 CON 8 INT 16 WIS 12 CHA 15 SAN 14

Bonds, Goals, and Flaws

If you have tobacco or rumors then you can find an interested ear in Parin the half-elf. Formerly an investigator for the Watch of the Golden Isle Parin was approached by the Shadow for his investigative talents. He agreed to join them on the condition they help him find out what happened to his parents. His mother, Talas, left shortly after he was born for reasons unknown. His father, Yod, is presumed dead after leaving the Golden Isle in pursuit of her, and never having come back. As a result Parin has developed abandonment issues and a serious distrust for elves seeing them as fickle and aloof. Parin's smoking habit has taken a toll on his health making him weak and not very resistant to disease, but he continues to smoke nonetheless. Unfortunately, as a result of his upbringing and his previous career Parin has developed an unhealthy paranoia expecting to be back stabbed at any moment. He joined the Salty Circumnavigators after being freed from being a prisoner on an Orc Battleship that took over the boat he chartered to meet a Shadow contact at the Dick n' Pickle.

Magical Items

  • Chord (magic dagger, requires attunement, once/day invocation)